PhD Scholarship on Maritime History (Archaeology)

A fully funded three and half year PhD scholarship is available to work under the supervision of Professor James Warren, who is coordinating one research stream of a 7-year Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) anchored at McGill University entitled ‘The Indian Ocean World: The Making of the First Global Economy in the context of Human–Environment Interaction’. For further information please download the flyer from:

21 November 2011

1) Multiple positions, National Museum of the Royal Navy and HMS Victory, closes 2 December and 7 December

2) Marine Anthopologist, Northeastern University, ncd

3) Lecturer, Nicolaus Copernicus University, closes 12 December

Documented scientific achievements and research interests in the field of Underwater Archaeology, Mediterranean Archaeology and Prehistoric Archaeology;

4) American University Whittlesey Visiting Professor, closes 15 January

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Beirut is inviting applications for appointment as Whittlesey visiting professor in the field of archeology specializing, in particular, in either Egyptology, Marine or Environmental Archeology, or the archeology of pre-Islamic and Islamic Arabia to begin September 15, 2012

5) Historic Ship Rigger, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, closes 6 December

The Alfred H. Howell Endowed Chair in History and Archaeology, American University

The Alfred H. Howell Endowed Chair in History and Archaeology, The American University of Beirut, closes January 15, 2012.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Beirut seeks an established scholar of prominent standing in his/her field of specialization for visiting appointment to the Alfred H. Howell Endowed Chair in History and Archaeology.
In History, the applicant will be a recognized senior academic specializing either in classical Islamic history or in the modern history of the Middle East in such areas, for example, as legal history and jurisprudence or in socio-economic, intellectual and cultural studies. In Archaeology, the applicant will be an acknowledged senior academic specializing in areas not currently covered by the department, including Egyptology, the archaeology of Mesopotamia and/ or Iran, the archaeology of pre-Islamic Arabia and the Gulf, Islamic, environmental or marine archaeology. Applicants who have experience in teaching archaeological methodology and theory are particularly welcome.  In addition to the normal functions associated with the occupancy of a Chair at AUB, candidates are expected to teach two undergraduate or graduate courses per semester, supervise student research and MA or, in the case of History, PhD theses. The language of instruction is English. The period of visiting appointment is one to two years. The appointment is to begin on September 15, 2012.