30 March 2012

1) Research Officer, University of Hull, closes 1 June

Working within Blaydes House, your aim will be to enhance research capacity, especially in the fields of maritime and marine environmental history.

2) Lead Interpreter/Program Coordinator, Indian River Life Saving Station, open until filled

3) Environmental Protection Specialist, US Coast Guard, closes 10 April

23 March 2012

1) Flemish, Dutch, French Voiceover Artists, closes 6 April

Male or female native Flemish, French and Dutch voiceover artists required for a potential voiceover recording of a 2900 word script. The voiceover is for an information video regarding maritime archaeology and shipwrecks between Britain and France. Please only apply if you have access to recording facilities or are willing to travel to Swansea to record the script in our in-house studio.

2) Chief Educator, The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, ncd.

3) Geophysics and Hydrographic Data Processor, EMU Limited, closes 23 April

4) Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter Department of History, closes 23 April 

Within this ERC project the successful applicant will work, together in a team of four researchers (PI, and 3 post-docs), on a comparative study of the contractual conditions and economic treatment of sailors active in the Mediterranean in the long seventeenth century (1570-1700). Further details on the project are available at http://centres.exeter.ac.uk/cmhs/research/sailing%20into%20modernity%20index.html. The successful candidate will work on collating and analysing French documentary evidence, mainly in archives of Courts of Justice, such as the Court de Sénéchaussée (Archives départementales des Bouches-du-Rhône) (Marseille); Fonds de la Marine, (Archives Nationales, (Paris)). For this purpose a research mission of 6 months to France with all the relative research expenses shall be funded as part of the appointment.

5) Exhibitions Project Manager, National Maritime Museum, closes 9 April

6) Archive Learning Officer, National Maritime Museum, closes 20 April

7) Park Ranger (Cape Lookout), Oregon, closes 6 April

AIMA 2012 Scholarship Announcement

AIMA 2012 Scholarship Announcement

The Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology is pleased to announce the 2012 AIMA Scholarship for maritime archaeological research projects. The investigation or project must be consistent with the objectives of AIMA and the work must have a benefit/application to maritime archaeology in Australasia. The award is open to all persons conducting maritime archaeological research within Australasia.  

A total of up to $2000 will be awarded. AIMA may choose to partially fund more than one project from these monies in 2012.  A condition of the AIMA Scholarship is that the recipient(s) are required to publish in the AIMA Newsletter, or for larger awards, a peer-reviewed paper either in the AIMA Bulletin, or as an AIMA Special Publication. This award also comes with a free one year AIMA membership.

Applications must be forwarded to the AIMA Scholarship Chair by 30 June 2012 to be eligible for this award.

For direct access to applications and other queries, contact the AIMA Scholarship Chair: Emily Jateff (ejateff@history.sa.gov.au)

Call for Papers: Flooded Stone Age

Second Call for Papers

Flooded Stone Age – Towards an Overview of Submerged Settlements and  Landscapes on the Continental Shelf

EAA Annual meeting, Helsinki 29 august– 1 September 2012

The aim of this session is to bring together ideas and information to develop a first pan-European overview of the inhabited lands that disappeared below the sea as the climate warmed and the ice sheets of the last Ice Age lost most of their volume. It continues the discussions in the recently published book “Submerged Prehistory” (Oxbow 2011), which sprang from a well attended session at the EAA 2009 meeting. This session will bring together updates on well known sites and regions along with reports on new sites, and work on areas not so well represented at the 2009 session. A central objective of the session is to contribute to the preparation of an atlas project on submerged Stone Age sites and landscapes of Europe and nearby areas of the Mediterranean. The project is in preparation as part of the EU-COST-financed SPLASHCOS network, which is focusing on the period of the great sea-level rise during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene. This pan-European network is seeking to coordinate reports on finds of archaeological sites, terrestrial fauna and preserved land surfaces older than ca. 5500 cal BP from sea-bed areas all over Europe and the Mediterranean.

Topic and questions within the scope of the session:
– New finds of submerged Stone Age sites and landscapes on the continental shelf.
– Reconstructing the pace of sea-level rise and submergence of landscapes during the Pleistocene and Early Holocene in Europe.
  – Why is the distribution of present finds from the continental shelf so uneven – research history and/or preservation?
  – Are there examples of the preservation of Pleistocene or Early Holocene wood, bone, etc. in sea-floor areas outside Israel, the North Sea and the western Baltic?
– Field methods for the location and excavation of submerged sites and landscapes.
  – Management of submerged prehistoric cultural heritage.
  – Co-operation between industry and archaeology in relation to submerged Stone Age sites and landscapes.

All session abstracts of the four day meeting can be found in the EAA Helsinki 2012 session list:http://www.eaa2012.fi/programme/session_list

All abstracts must be submitted by 31 March, 2012 (see the EAA call for papershttp://www.eaa2012.fi/File/1366/call-for-papers.pdf ) via the EAA 2012 abstract service pagehttps://www.abstrakti.fi/eaa2012/abs.do.

16 March 2012

1) SS Great Britain Trust, Documentation Officer, closes March 26

2) SS Great Britain Trust, Special Projects (Ship Plans) Collections Volunteer

3) Lecturer, Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture, University of Exeter, closes 16 April

We are seeking to appoint a Lecturer in Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture to contribute to the research and teaching of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies.  The appointee will have a track record in producing high quality publications in Islamic Material culture, including classical and modern works of geography, history, travel and maritime literature.  The new lecturer will assist Professor Dionisius A. Agius, in developing MARES, an established multidisciplinary project focusing on the maritime traditions of the peoples of the Red Sea, the Arabian-Persian Gulf and the Western Indian Ocean.

4) Deckhand, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, closes 23 March

The incumbent works on vessels, on docks and in shops to perform miscellaneous maintenance, preservation and restoration work on historic vessels and related equipment.

CFP: Britain and the Sea

Britain and the Sea: The Maritime Sphere and the Past, Present and Future of the UK

This conference will examine the relationship between Great Britain and the Sea.  It is increasingly said that Britain is in danger of losing its self-identity as a maritime nation at the point when the sea becomes the focus for a new era of economic exploitation, sustainable transportation and inter-state rivalry.   How did we arrive at this point, where are we now and where should we go from here to ensure the maritime future of the UK? 

The conference will be held 4-5 September 2012 in the Roland Levinsky Building at Plymouth, University, Plymouth, United Kingdom. The full line up and programme for the conference will be announced after Easter, but it will consist of three elements: 1. Keynote speeches; 2. Plenary discussion; 3. Invited papers.

In line with item 3., short academic papers (20 minutes in duration) are invited to illustrate and explore the following issues/areas of concern. 

How did we arrive at this point? – British Culture and the Sea
•How has Britain’s maritime identity been shaped by artists, writers, historians and others?

 How did we arrive at this point? – Government Policy Towards the Sea?

•Where have Governments got it right/got it wrong with regard to UK fishing industry/boat and ship building/shipping industry/the Royal Navy/offshore extraction/marine conservation and environment/maritime heritage?
•How have external bodies such as the EU, IMO and others complicated UK Government policy towards the Sea?
Where are we now? – Threats and Opportunities

•What threats and opportunities face the UK in terms of our economic, environmental and cultural relationships with the sea?

 Where should we go from here?

•How is Britain’s Maritime Future to be secured?
•What kind of diplomatic and defence policies do we need to pursue?

Please send a short abstract of your paper (no more than 500 words) and a current CV to conference organiser Dr G.H. Bennett (h1bennett@plymouth.ac.uk) to arrive no later than 15 April, 2012.  Selections will be made on the basis of balance and significance.  Conference fees including catering, but excluding accommodation, will be £75 per person for the two days.

Data Management Officer (Coastal & Marine), Wessex Archaeology

Wessex Archaeology has one of the largest teams specialising in coastal and marine archaeology in the UK with over 30 staff. We are seeking to further expand our team in response to growing demand for our work from marine developers and public authorities. We are currently conducting a range of exciting projects, and demand for our expertise is high. Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal and Marine team is based at its head office in Salisbury and also operates from its office in Edinburgh.

We are now seeking to appoint a Data Management Officer for our head office in Salisbury who will assist our team to source, supply, manipulate, manage and archive digital data and support our staff in their use of such data.

Closes 23 March.

Submerged Resources Archaeological Damage Assessment Methods Class


Archaeological Damage Investigation & Assessment has scheduled an offering of its’ five-day Submerged Resources Archaeological Damage Assessment Methods Class in Houston, Texas, Monday, May 7, 2012 through Friday, May 11, 2012. The class will be hosted by Geoscience Earth and Marine Services.

This class is open to all professional archaeologists. (Law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and agency managers who have an interest in archaeological damage assessment may sit in on the class during the final two days with no tuition fee.)  The registration deadline for the class is close of business on Friday, April 13 2012.

Class Registration:
There is not a class registration form.
To register for the class, contact Martin McAllister (phone: 406-239-1874, email:
mmcallister@bigsky.net) and make arrangements for payment of the class tuition fee. If you have questions concerning class logistics, please contact Martin. The class tuition fee is $850.00. Arrangements for payment of the tuition fee must be made by the class registration deadline. The tuition fee can be paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), purchase order or check. (Credit cards will not be charged until after the class registration deadline or until after the class, depending upon the instructions of the credit card holder.) If necessary, an invoice for the class tuition fee can be emailed or faxed to the participant or their employer prior to the class.

AAUS Scientific Diving Course

The Albanian Center for Marine Research is offering a scientific diving course for the 2012 field season. This course complies with the 100+hour American Academy of Underwater Science standards. Students will gain diverse diving experience, participate in ongoing underwater research, and learn diving theory and methods in classroom sessions taught by experts in the field from institutions including East Carolina University, the Albanian Institute of Archaeology, and RPM Nautical Foundation. Almost daily dives over the two-week course will expose students to a variety of habitat types found along the southern Albanian coastline, as well as the best practices for conducting hypothesis-based research, environmental survey, and archaeological methods. The diving course also offers a necessary component to participate in other ACMR field school offerings.

Check out the syllabus and required application materials here!

2 March 2012

1) Marine Economist/Social Scientist (2 positions), University of Plymouth

2) Marine Environmental Economist/Social Scientist, University of Plymouth

3) Assistant Professor of History, Roger Williams University, closes March 26

A Ph.D. in History required by job start date. Ability to offer introductory and upper-level courses in United States History. Preferred areas of expertise are colonial history, maritime history, and slavery. Experience in historical memory and the origins of American identities is welcome. Additional experience in early American and maritime culture is highly desirable. Instructor must have ability to teach in the university’s general education program. Evidence of teaching excellence and experience with academic advising is expected. Candidates must also present evidence of an on-going program of scholarly/creative activity.

4) Great Lakes, Naval Memorial and Museum, custodian of the WW2 submarine, USS Silversides and the USCG Cutter McLane is seeking a Director to partner with the Board to continue to move the Museum forward with numerous successful programs and activities. The Museum Director will be responsible for day-to-day management and will lead development activities, build regional visibility and support, implement strategic marketing programs, refine and strengthen all aspects of communication, provide creative leadership for all Museum Programs, and be both action-oriented and entrepreneurial.
Interested candidates should forward their resume and a cover letter explaining their interest to: USS SILVERSIDES Submarine Museum, P.O. Box 5210 North Muskegon, MI 49445 By Feb 29, 2012. For more information, please visit our web site at www.silversidesmuseum.org

Submerged Cultural Resources Workshop

The Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology is pleased to inform you of our upcoming Submerged Cultural Resources Awareness Workshop, to be held on Wednesday April 18th from 9am to 5pm at the SAA annual conference
in Memphis, TN. 

This workshop is specifically designed to introduce terrestrial archaeologists, land managers, and regulatory agencies to basic concepts in underwater archaeology so that you can knowledgeably address and respond to underwater issues.  Topics to be covered will include: understanding geophysical survey methods, exploring public outreach and interpretation strategies, discussion of report requirements and personnel qualifications, examining submerged cultural resources legislation, reviewing case studies, and learning best practices.

You can register for this informative and interactive workshop as part of your online advanced registration:  https://ecommerce.saa.org/saa/source/meetings/meetingshome.cfm?section=events

Advance registration rates will end on 2012/3/17 3:00 AM (EST).
We hope you will join us in Memphis, and encourage you to contact us for more information:  info@acuaonline.org
Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology www.acuaonline.org