40th Annual Maritime History Symposium

Symposium Call for Papers
Call for Papers, 40th Annual Maritime History Symposium

Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Held during the Museum’s 50th Anniversary year!

Title: The History and Future of the Maritime Experience

Theme:  As part of our celebration of Maine Maritime Museum’s 50th anniversary, the Museum is interested in exploring the full scope of the maritime experience, as discovered by looking at the present, and comparing it with the past. We will consider papers, presentations or panel discussions on historical subjects, on historiography, on change happening
today, and from personal experience. Topics we think would be interesting include, but are not limited to (in no particular order): boat building, ship building, changes in use of sail/wind power, Coast Guard role changes,
coastal development, environmental changes in waterways, fisheries, life at sea, Maine windjammers and other nautical tourism (cruise ships), marine education, maritime museums, maritime history, nautical antiques, naval subjects, women at sea, yachting and yacht clubs. We would welcome presentations relating to Portland, Maine’s largest port.

Please send proposals to Senior Curator Nathan R. Lipfert, Maine Maritime Museum, 243 Washington Street, Bath ME 04530, USA, lipfert@maritimeme.org.

Nathan R. Lipfert, Senior Curator
Maine Maritime Museum
243 Washington Street
Bath, Maine 04530
207-443-1316, ext 328, fax 207-443-1665