NPS Park Ranger (Diver)

This position is located in Channel Islands National Park, in the Division of Interpretation.

  • Presents a wide variety of interpretive and/or education programs, using appropriate devices and techniques. These programs include formal and informal presentations, education field trips or classroom programs, roving interpretation, hikes, live dive presentations or demonstrations.
  • Assists with the management of day to day operations of an interpretive or education program, such as planning, developing interpretive media, employee supervision and management, and visitor operations.
  • Perform staff duties such as scheduling, training, coaching and mentoring interpretive staff, interns, and volunteers.
  • Audits interpretive or education products, and provides constructive advice based on the NPS Interpretive Development Program or similar criteria.
  • Staffs visitor center and island district providing information, orientation, interpretation, and operational services; provides high quality customer service, adheres to SOPs, and insures professional appearance of facilities, availability of resources and materials, and a safe accessible environment; responsive in a timely manner to visitor inquiries.
  • Establishes and maintains good working relationships with other divisions, park partners, and media to accomplish goals of the division and the park.
  • Prepares and submits reports, interpretive or educational materials, and other correspondence at the request of the Branch Chief. Speaks to partner and community groups and others.

Duties will be developmental in nature when filled below the full performance level.

Texas Coastal Program Manager

National parks in Texas and Oklahoma awe visitors with their great diversity from the High Plains to the desert to the coast. The Texas Coastal Program Manager will support the protection of this incredibly diverse landscape by leading and supporting park protection campaigns throughout the region, with a specific focus on increasing resiliency of coastal national parks in Texas and across the country.

Guided by the leadership of the Regional Director and in collaboration with the Associate Director, the Program Manager will be responsible for identifying and managing campaigns, developing strategic implementation plans and playing a key role in building community around the Big Thicket National Preserve and Padre Island National Seashore. The Program Manager will also collaborate with the wider NPCA team across the country to advance strategies to ensure ocean and coastal national parks are protected, preserved and restored, connected to larger landscapes and resilient for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

It is essential that the Program Manager work closely with the Texas regional team and other NPCA colleagues. The Program Manager’s role will include communications and administrative responsibilities in the region, assisting with regional logistics, internal communications and serving as a liaison with the rest of the organization to ensure requests for information are coordinated and completed.

Ensuring national parks represent the stories of all Americans is an important focus of NPCA’s work. NPCA also works on park funding and other regulatory and legal policies that impact parks across the country. In addition to coastal resiliency work, a portion of these national priority campaigns may be a part of the Program Manager’s portfolio.

Senior Expedition Coordinator

This position is located in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), Ocean Exploration and Research (OER), with one vacancy in Silver Spring, MD or Durham, NH.

  • Serve as the Senior Expedition Coordinator. Lead and advise junior team members under general guidance from division leadership on policy, resource planning, and producing reports or publications. Conduct/direct an advanced program and exercise leadership in developing and evaluating concepts of operations and troubleshooting and tracking issues. Mentor and train junior team members and manage operating procedures and assessing accuracy of results.
  • Lead sea-going expeditions that utilize deep submergence and hydrographic systems on NOAA and non-NOAA ships. Develop and ensure completion of team’s reporting including cruise and data acquisition reports, and products. Utilize geospatial software and geographic information systems (GIS) databases to analyze and collect GIS data.
  • Ensure effective completion of the division’s exploration, science and technology objectives. Improve operations and efficiency, evaluate new technologies and improvements. Provide guidance on, organize, and review technical documents (e.g. procedures manuals and standard operating procedures). Evaluate data necessary to contribute to program objectives. Identify deficiencies and make recommendations as requirements change.
  • Develop regional partnerships and collaborate to refine requirements, establish priorities, and achievable outcomes. Communicate scientific information to technical and non-technical audiences (verbally and in writing) at outreach and educational events. Participate in port events, ship tours, and live interactions.

These duties are described at the full performance level of the ZP-4; the ZP-3 is developmental leading to such performance.

  • Leading and/or providing guidance for the execution of at-sea ocean exploration or ocean research projects (i.e. ocean mapping, hydrographic survey, ocean exploration, oceanography, marine geology, benthic ecology, marine science, geophysics, deep sea science, marine science, geophysics, biology, GIS, geography, marine archaeology, or a related ocean science discipline) and utilizing geospatial and GIS software; 
  • Synthesizing, analyzing, and/or evaluating data from ocean mapping and/or science projects and/or research cruises/expeditions;
  • Participating and collaborating in outreach activities, such as interacting with school groups and working across different academic or industry partnerships, and delivering reports, briefings, and/or presentations to various audiences; and
  • Providing support in ensuring the effectiveness of ocean exploration or ocean research projects and recommending improvements (i.e., evaluating new technology and methodologies, developing and reviewing technical procedures manuals, and/or developing standard operating procedures (SOPs)).

Mary Rose Trust

We have THREE Department for Work and Pensions – DWP Kickstart placements for Curatorial, Conservation and Collections Trainees! If you’re aged 16-24 years old and on Universal Credit, or know someone who is, then follow the link to find out more!

Maritime Archaeology Placements

Looking to start a career in maritime archaeology or heritage in a growing company with lots of opportunities? Then we would like to hear from you. MSDS Marine are pleased to be supporting the Kickstart scheme again in 2022 and are offering three new placements starting in March. These placements will give young people a chance to gain valuable experience in a work environment while exploring career opportunities available in the heritage sector. 

MSDS Marine are a Marine and Coastal Contractor specialising in the management, execution and support of archaeological projects in the marine environment. We have a wide range of experience and expertise within the industry from the project management of large-scale underwater excavations through to the fulfilment of archaeological licence conditions prior to large infrastructure developments. We provide geophysical and hydrographic services including data collection, processing, visualisation and interpretation. MSDS Marine have grown steadily since first established in 2011 and are now a market leader in maritime archaeology in the UK.


  1. Trainee Project Officer (Development Control) – 2 positions available: 
  2.  Trainee Project Office (Engagement) – 1 position available: 


  1. To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old. This is a 6-month 25hr per week work placement through the Government Kickstart Scheme.
  2. Applicants need to be referred for this role prior to application. Please use the below link on Government’s Find a Job webpage or contact your Job Centre work coach.
  3. MSDS Marine is being supported in this scheme by Historic England. As a Kickstart Placement within Historic England’s Gateway, you will receive flexible wrap around training & support to develop your employability skills. You’ll receive 12 free mentoring training sessions over 12 weeks & these include 1:1 support with a personal mentor.

How to apply

  1. Before you apply, you must be referred by your jobcentre work coach or by using the jobcentre referral link next to each vacancy
  2. To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to 

For any questions you may have relating to the Kickstart scheme please speak with your designated work coach or jobcentre contact.

Want to know more? Find out more here or contact Alison James for an informal chat –

National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO) is seeking a Historic Preservation Specialist

The National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO) is seeking a Historic Preservation Specialist for a term-limited position to assist the National Park Service’s American Battlefield Protection Program (NPS ABPP) by serving as a liaison to partners applying for and successfully completing grant applications for battlefield preservation and land acquisition projects.

The NPS ABPP promotes the preservation of historic battlefields associated with wars on American soil through technical and financial assistance to federal, state, tribal, and local governments, as well as academic and nonprofit partners. The Historic Preservation Specialist will work to assist applicants and recipients of grants awarded through Land and Water Conservation Funds for land acquisition, interpretation, and restoration of American sites of armed conflict beyond the borders of federally protected land. Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants (BLAG) will be a focus of this position. BLAGs provide state and local communities the ability to acquire and permanently protect threatened battlefield land through the acquisition of fee-simple or less-than-fee (preservation easement) interests in eligible Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War sites.

The Historic Preservation Specialist will assist with the development of tools and aids for applicants and potential applicants, many of whom are not preservation professionals, to complete successful grant applications and to develop sustainable preservation strategies for the acquired properties. The liaison will also assist applicants and program staff in developing easement templates and fulfilling NPS’s Section 106 compliance requirements, as outlined in the NPS ABPP’s Programmatic Agreement.

Specific tasks include:

  • Continue coordinated outreach to NCSHPO members (state historic preservation offices) regarding BLAG easements; organize and analyze partner feedback on a suite of draft easement documents; consult NPS specialists to provide clarification and possible solutions; provide a summary of reports and/or presentations.
  • Assist program staff in advising grant recipients and easement holders regarding the preparation, execution, and monitoring of easements.
  • Assist NPS ABPP in making information regarding new and existing grant programs more accessible to preservation partners and potential applicants, including organizing and executing the collection of spatial data to support the Program’s GIS geo-database, facilitating outreach through virtual webinars, responding to inquiries and requests for clarification/assistance in the application process, and developing content for the NPS ABPP website and social media.
  • Draft tools for program staff to clarify roles, responsibilities, and timelines outlined in the NPS ABPP Programmatic Agreement.
  • Support program staff in drafting amendments and incorporating new grant programs into the NPS ABPP Programmatic Agreement based on Annual Meeting notes and consultations with signatories of the Programmatic Agreement.

2022 Summer Internship in Archaeology – Maryland Historical Trust

The Maryland Historical Trust (Trust) is seeking candidates for its 2022 Summer Internship in Archaeology.

The intern will work under the general supervision of the Chief Archaeologist and time will be divided between office/laboratory and fieldwork in support of the Trust’s terrestrial and maritime archaeology programs. Fieldwork will
take place in a variety of settings and involve use of hand tools, electronic surveying equipment, and small boats, canoes, and/or kayaks. It will include support activities associated with the Annual Tyler Bastian Field Session in Maryland Archaeology, marine geophysical and remote sensing surveys, and archaeological site visits and inspections.

Office/laboratory work is expected to include artifact sorting, washing and cataloging, records processing and filing, GIS data manipulation, and general data organization and entry tasks. Opportunities will also be available related to other aspects of the Trust’s archaeology programs, such as project review and compliance, and outreach activities.

Interns serve a maximum of 400 hours over a period of 10 consecutive weeks to begin on or about May 18, 2022. However, it should be noted that, due to the unpredictable nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the start date could be pushed back. The selected candidate will need to maintain flexibility as we adjust our fieldwork calendar to the changing medical and travel guidance. Fieldwork will require occasional work outside of normal business hours (early mornings, evenings, weekends, & holidays), extended days, overnight travel, and camping. Office/lab work will be conducted during normal business hours.

Interns will receive a total amount not to exceed $6,000.00 paid in bi-weekly increments based on the number of hours worked at a base rate of $15.00 per hour.

Annual Navy History and Heritage Awards

1. Naval History and Heritage Command has established the Navy History and Heritage Awards to acknowledge and reward excellence in the naval history enterprise and other museums who serve as force multipliers in achieving the NHHC and thereby the Navy’s mission. NHHC’s mission is to preserve and present an accurate history of the U.S. Navy. NHHC desires to reward those private museums that use the Navy artifacts, books, archives, and research and encourage the telling of the Navy’s history through accurate and effective programs, exhibits, artifact loans, and historical research.

2. The objective of the Navy History and Heritage Awards (NHHA) is to encourage and publicize scholarship and the telling of the U.S. Navy story through well-researched and accurate history told through well-maintained museums, including freestanding buildings and historic ships, and the exhibits and artifacts therein.

3. Applicability – Only a 501(c)(3) organization—a nonprofit organization that has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization and is tax-exempt—offering U.S. Navy- or maritime history-related programming to the public through the use of NHHC’s artifacts is eligible for NHHA consideration for the 2022 awards. These artifacts include aircraft, donated Navy warships (serving as floating museums), research published or produced by NHHC, and collaboration with NHHC to present and create new knowledge about Navy history.

4. Award Categories – There are three categories of awards for which eligible applications may apply. The Navy History and Heritage Excellence Pennant (History “E”) and the Maintenance Excellence Pennant (Maintenance “E”) will each have four subcategory (Large, Medium, Small, and Other) winners based on the physical size of the primary artifact (e.g., Navy patrol boat is a Small subcategory). The Curatorial Excellence Pennant (Curatorial “C”) award will have one winner. Applicants are encouraged to apply to applicable categories.

5. Eligibility Requirements:

a. Organizations may self-nominate or be nominated by another 501(c)(3). Exhibitions or programming may be designed by a commercial firm or the organization but must have been executed by the organization.

b. NHHA nominations may only include award actions or periods of performance that occurred between 1 April─31 March, during the previous 12 months to be considered.

c. To be eligible, specific NHHA nominations cannot have previously won the same NHHA competition (for example, Maintenance Excellence Pennant) within the past 5 years.

d. Nominees must be in good standing as a 501(c)(3) and with NHHC (if holding any Navy artifacts on loan).

e. One NHHA nomination per institution, per competition year.

f. Personnel attached to NHHC are not eligible for consideration.

g. Entrants agree to allow the U.S. Navy and NHHC to use photographs included in NHHA nomination submissions (at no charge) in their publications and warrant that NHHC has the right to allow such use.

6. Documents to be submitted – Applicants must submit completed package that includes a hard copy of application, supporting documentation, and a DVD that contains an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) digital copy of the entire package submission.

7.  Evaluation and selection – Applications will be screened by the professional staff of NHHC.

8.  Role of the Director, NHHC – The Director, NHHC, will announce the annual call for entries with the deadline for submission of packages.

9.  Applications – Application forms are available from the Naval History and Heritage Command website at

10.  Application and Award Dates – The deadline for filing applications and all supporting materials and documents is 1 June 2022. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that completed applications are received before the closing date. The Director, NHHC, will notify all applicants of final action by an award notice or letter on or about 1 August 2022.

11. Presentation at NHHC – The successful applicants will be presented with their awards at NHHC or other appropriate setting, such as their local museum.

12. Taxes – For tax implications of the award, recipients should consult the Internal Revenue Service and their state revenue offices or their tax advisors. Applicants must present their Tax Identification Number as part of the application process.

The 2022 AIMA Scholarship

The AIMA Scholarship program supports maritime archaeological research projects in Australasia.

The project must be consistent with AIMA objectives (listed in the application kit) and have a benefit/application to maritime archaeology. The award is open to all persons conducting maritime archaeological research within Australasia.  

In 2021, $6000 was awarded. The exact amount for the 2022 recipients will be announced shortly.

AIMA may choose to partially fund more than one project. Recipient(s) are required to publish a peer-reviewed paper in the AIMA Bulletin/Special Publication, or for smaller awards, an article in the AIMA Newsletter. This award also includes one year of AIMA membership.

The AIMA Scholarship Kit includes information and an application form. The 2022 Scholarship Kit will be available soon.

Applications must be forwarded to the Scholarship Chair to be eligible. Keep an eye on the website for important dates.

For information on past awardees, please see the previous winners page.

For other queries, contact the AIMA Scholarship Committee Chairs at: 

Marine Environmental Consultant

RPS Energy has an opportunity for a Marine Environmental Consultant to join a multi-disciplinary Marine Consents and Environment team.

The applicant will work both independently and within a large multi-disciplinary team, supporting the delivery of multi-billion-pound marine renewable projects, including:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) coordination and delivery as directed by Project Managers
  • Production of technical report and EIA chapter in core skill area
  • Marine and environmental consenting and planning advice
  • Marine consent management and compliance
  • Client and stakeholder liaison and management
  • Project, technical and financial tasks as directed by Project Managers
  • Project management with supervision
  • Business development support as directed by Project Managers

This role will deliver projects in the UK and Ireland. The team will also support offshore permitting in the US, Australia and across Asia.

Applicants should be degree qualified in a relevant marine environmental related sciences or management subject, ideally with a higher qualification and have:

  • Membership or chartered status of a relevant professional institute
  • Experience in one or more technical area of relevance to marine EIA e.g., marine ecology, ornithology, commercial fisheries, marine archaeology etc.
  • An understanding of the consent and licensing frameworks for offshore infrastructure in Scotland, England, Wales and/or Ireland
  • Some previous experience or understanding of consent related technical assessments such as the Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA), Water Framework Directive (WFD), European Protected Species (EPS) and/or Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Assessment

Re-Advertised: Maritime Archaeologist

The Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER), located administratively within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, is responsible for coordinating interdisciplinary ocean exploration expeditions and projects to search, investigate, and document unknown and poorly known areas of the ocean in order to advance and disseminate knowledge of the ocean environment and its physical, chemical, biological, and archaeological resources.

This position is to serve as a Maritime Archaeologist in support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) as a marine archaeological Subject Matter Expert and, as such, will help provide the Office with scientific and technical support related to marine archaeology. As a marine archaeologist, the Associate Scientist will work closely with the Chief of the OER Science and Technology Division to help coordinate and oversee OER’s underwater cultural heritage (UCH) exploration activities. This position will be familiar with the principles and practices of marine archaeology including professional standards and practices and associated regulations, programs, and policies.

This position will provide guidance concerning UCH-related priorities and themes that OER supports through its Federal Funding Opportunity, the National Oceanographic Partnership Program, the Small Business Innovation Research Program, the OER Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute, and through other program activities. The Associate Scientist will be required to be cognizant of, and assess, evolving UCH exploration technologies and provide recommendations aimed at improving the pace and scope of OER’s UCH efforts. This position will be responsible for maintaining awareness of current and evolving protocols and means for access, utilization, and curation of UCH information and data by and for OER’s partners, academic institutions, relevant industry, state and federal agencies and programs, and the general public.

This position will serve as OER’s principal lead for both required Section 106 actions of the National Historic Preservation Act as well as serving as the OER lead to consult with Native American tribes that may have an interest in UCH projects planned and/or supported by OER. In doing so, this position will be familiar with the requirements of Federal regulations and guidelines for historical properties and archaeological resources including the National Historic Preservation Act and the National Marine Sanctuaries Act.

Senior Marine Archaeologist

AECOM still hiring for this post.

AECOM is actively seeking a highly talented Senior Marine Archaeologist who can be based in our Germantown, MD, Houston, TX, Tampa, FL, or Rocky Hill, CT office. The Senior Marine Archaeologist will provide support to cultural resource projects throughout the United States and potentially international work, as available. The Senior Marine Archaeologist will have extensive knowledge of field data collection techniques, implement marine archaeological monitoring, inventory, evaluation, and data recovery efforts, analyze marine remote sensing data and maritime archaeological data, and prepare compliance reports.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist in the scoping of archaeological projects and utilize GIS, site records, and other data sources to identify locations where sites can occur.
  • Keep records and maintain the relevant State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) documentation pertaining to cultural resources.
  • Provides regulatory compliance support for Federal, state, municipal, and commercial clients.
  • Serves as a Principal Investigator and have experience preparing Work Plans, designing research and field methodologies, directing field crews including scheduling work, making individual or teamwork assignments, and leading the instruction of others in the use of equipment, technology, and field methods, performing and overseeing data interpretation, overseeing report production, and making determinations of eligibility and client recommendations.
  • Supports all phases of archaeological investigation and regulatory compliance.
  • Collects information and makes judgments through observation, interviews, and the review of documents.
  • Writes archaeological reports and/or prepare archaeological site forms and in making decisions about project alternatives, NRHP evaluations, and assessing effects on historic properties.
  • Works with technical field, lab and office staff, managers and administrative staff to ensure that projects meet AECOM quality standards
  • Performs manual labor including diving.
  • Has ability to perform bending, kneeling, standing, and lifting and carrying objects weighing 50 lbs. and have a tolerance for working in outdoor environments, including prolonged walking or standing on various terrain or marine vessels in a wide range of weather conditions.

Assistant Conservator, Objects

Grimwade Conservation Services is the commercial and practice arm of the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation. The Grimwade Centre is unit in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies in the Faculty of Arts. Further information can be found by following the links below.…terials-conservation…sophical-studies

About the Role The Assistant Conservator, Objects role operates within Grimwade Conservation Services and reports to the Laboratory Manager, Senior Conservator Objects, Textiles and Archaeology. The role is responsible for both independent and assisted completion of conservation treatments within time and budgetary constraints and provision of conservation expertise to support the team in the delivery of the commercial work program.

Senior Cultural Resources Specialist 

HDR is seeking a Senior Cultural Resources Specialist with experience in maritime and terrestrial archaeology in the Northeast Region. This position will be responsible for assisting with consultation and compliance projects to support clients across several business sectors, including power and transportation. The successful candidate must have an excellent understanding of the National Historic Preservation Act (including Section 106 and Section 110), the National Environmental Policy Act, and other federal cultural resources legislation, as well as guidance related to underwater cultural resources studies.

The ideal candidate will have 10+ years’ experience serving as a Principal Investigator, meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for Archaeology, be a Registered Professional Archaeologist, and meet the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s criteria for a Qualified Maritime Archaeologist.

GIS Developer: Unpath`d Waters

Historic England have a fantastic opportunity for you to join us as our ArcGIS Developer. We need you to join us to increase access to the country`s rich maritime heritage. To accomplish this you we need you to lead on designing and implementing a new approach to public facing mapping which will enable the research and discovery work of Unpath`d Waters to connect to existing mapping tools to ensure that our inhouse teams can easily get to grips with the technology and easily increase the potential impact of the work, especially in the context of the development of our Mariner system.

This opportunity is a two-year fixed term contract based in Swindon – homeworking is possible but you will be required to work in the office at least one day a week.

We offer a wide benefits package including a competitive pension scheme, a generous 28 days holiday, corporate discounts, free entry into English Heritage sites across the county and development opportunities to ensure you achieve your goals.

What you will be doing:

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has awarded £14.5 million to the research and development of emerging technologies, including machine learning and citizen-led archiving, in order to connect the UK`s cultural artefacts and historical archives in new and transformative ways. Five `Discovery Projects` will harness the potential of new technology to dissolve barriers between collections – opening up public access and facilitating research across a range of sources and stories held in different physical locations. Historic England is leading one of these Discovery Projects – Unpath`d Waters: Marine and Maritime Collections in the UK.

We need you to provide support for current and future corporate mapping systems, with focus on integration of Mariner data into the new Heritage Gateway.

Here are some of the key objectives:
-Design and extend a companywide approach to implementing mapping using the ArcGIS product and various API, that delivers on a common approach to mapping tools.
-Work with inhouse .NET developers, JavaScript developers and designers to implement efficient, fit for purpose mapping solutions into Historic England`s digital output.
-Ensure high quality, efficient, reliable code, including peer reviewing the work of other developers, and take on board feedback from peer review of your work.
-Contribute to a culture of continuous improvement, promoting best practice and enhancing existing systems.
-Identify and carry out enhancements to existing implementations to ensure the approach is fit of purpose.
-Providing documentation and advice re training on current and future systems.
-Ensuring all documentation, including Unit Test and Unit Integration Testing Results, are produced as laid down in the IMT Development Centre Manual.
-Ensure all live source code is routinely saved in Microsoft DevOps.

Who we are looking for:

-At least 3 years working with JavaScript and ArcGIS in a professional environment.
-Must have worked with ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online.
-Proven experience in using permissions in ArcGIS Hosted Services.
-Ability to make decisions and provide advice to managers regarding decisions

Provisional interview date: w/c 10th January 2022

We are an equal opportunity employer which values diversity and inclusion. If you have a disability, we would be happy to discuss reasonable adjustments to the job with you. Having just won the Gold Award from MIND, we also recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Programme Manager – Unpath`d Waters Project

Historic England have a fantastic opportunity for you to join us as our Programme Manager – Unpath`d Waters. This is a genuinely unique opportunity to transform the way in which people can find, access and explore the amazing marine heritage collections of our island nation. Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, new ways of visualising and interacting, and new tools for managing and protecting our maritime past will all feature in the project.

If you are seeking an opportunity to join a dynamic and enthusiastic programme management team where you will have a ring-side seat in the development of new products and processes which we expect to change the way we see our marine heritage as a nation for ever, then this is the ideal opportunity for you to join us.

The location of this opportunity is based in Swindon – we will consider hybrid working where you will be based in the office or from home.

The duration of this contract is three years until November 2024.

What you will be doing:

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has awarded £14.5 million to the research and development of emerging technologies, including machine learning and citizen-led archiving, in order to connect the UK`s cultural artefacts and historical archives in new and transformative ways. Five `Discovery Projects` will harness the potential of new technology to dissolve barriers between collections – opening up public access and facilitating research across a range of sources and stories held in different physical locations. Historic England is leading one Discovery Project, called Unpath`d Waters, focusing on marine heritage collections.

We need you to undertake Programme Management activities which reside within the Systems Improvement Portfolio (SIP). You will be required to work in close collaboration between our IMT department, Heritage Improvement Application Strategy and other areas of the business, building effective business relationships.

You will be responsible for applying comprehensive PMO principles and proven project and programme methodologies, to support identified business change, projects and programmes. Such methodologies will include: PRINCE2 agile, PRINCE2, and MSP.

Who we are looking for:
-Drive, focus and initiative
-Meticulous attention to detail
-Ability to adapt to the very nature of a programme with many flexible elements, keeping abreast to change as the project evolves
-Great communication skills at all levels
-An interest in heritage (especially maritime)
-An enthusiasm for digital work and curious for cutting edge technologies
– Experienced in line management

We are an equal opportunity employer which values diversity and inclusion. If you have a disability or neurodiversity, we would be happy to discuss reasonable adjustments to the job with you. Having just won the Gold Award from MIND, we also recognise the importance of a healthy work-life balance. We offer a wide benefits package including a competitive pension scheme, a generous 28 days holiday, corporate discounts, free entry into English Heritage sites across the county and development opportunities to ensure you achieve your goals.

Provisional virtual or face to face interview date: 12th January 2022

Scientific Divers for Archaeological Work

AAUS divers needed for offshore project near Cedar Key, FL. spanning 2/1/22 – 5/31/22. Must have all dive certs, including current CPR-first aid, recent (1 year) gear service, own exposure suit (water temp is going to be in low 60’s for first month), safe boater card, DAN insurance, camping gear.

Tanks and safety equipment will be provided. No heavy drinkers, please. Preference given to archaeologists but will consider professionals from other marine sciences . No excavations planned. Work will consist of swimming lines, circle and other systematic searches for target investigation, video, and diver-driven sediment coring. I will consider training appropriate candidates who already have AAUS cert.

OPS position through University of Florida is $20 per hour (approx. $200) per day with two 2-day missions per week. Maximum 40 hours per week over 4 days of work. Each team will conduct two dives per day. Some camping is planned to minimize driving (one night of camping per 2 day cycle). Camp fees will be covered but employees will not be compensated for food or other lodging/rental fees. Will consider hiring for part time (2 consecutive days in a week).

*Those prone to sea sickness should not apply*

Contact me at if interested.

Museum Specialist (Re-Advertised)

This position is located in San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, in the Cultural Resources and Museum Management Division.

The typical seasonal entry-on-duty period for San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is April-May, but can be variable during these months due to weather conditions, project needs, or funding. Anticipated Entry on Duty: April 2022.

The primary purpose of this position is to perform various specialized work related to the management of the park’s museum collections, specifically small boats, in support of the park’s Museum Program. The incumbent works under the oversight of a higher-graded small craft museum curator (GS-11 or higher) and is supervised by the Preservation Branch Manager.

  • Use analytical skills to seek and assemble creative solutions to repair or treat museum collections and small boats.
  • Work with museum staff to find solutions to preservation issues related to outdoor exhibits.
  • Monitor and provide access to visitors wanting to view small craft on display.
  • Research, history of small boats to ensure proper and accurate care, repair, or treatment of small boats.
  • Work with woodworking tools within a shop environment, adhering to all safety protocols and procedures.
  • Research and write text for museum plans, policies and procedures.
  • Work with fellow staff members to produce educational programs utilizing a variety of production equipment (including pre-production planning, coaching for effective on-screen performance, and developing final products).
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