Community STEM Education Program Coordinator Ocean Exploration Trust

The Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) is seeking candidates for the position of Community STEM Program Coordinator. The Community STEM Program Coordinator will work with the Education and Outreach Teams to facilitate, promote, and coordinate OET’s newly launched Community-based STEM Program and to aid in the development of STEM-focused curriculum in support of the program.

The Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) is a 501(c)3 founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard. Our mission is the exploration of the ocean, seeking out new discoveries in the fields of geology, biology, maritime history, archaeology, and chemistry while pushing the boundaries of STEM education and technological innovation. The Nautilus Exploration Program centers on scientific ocean exploration launched from aboard the 64-meter Exploration Vessel Nautilus, supported by state-of-the-art robotic and telepresence technologies on board and ashore that are used to advance ocean exploration and STEM education worldwide. More information about the Trust can be found at

Biscayne National Park Cultural Resources Internship

Biscayne National Park Cultural Resources Internship, apply today.

American Conservation Experience, a Non-Profit Conservation Corps, in partnership with Biscayne National Park, is seeking one qualified intern interested in terrestrial and submerged archeology and cultural resource management. The intern will work directly with the park archeologist and will assist with all aspects of the Cultural Resource Management Program at Biscayne National Park in Homestead, Florida.

This opportunity is intended for an enthusiastic young professional with a deep interest in advancing his or her career goals in archeology and cultural resource management through hard work and commitment to the National Park Services’ rich and unique cultural resources.

The intern will work directly with the park archeologist and will assist with all aspects of the Cultural Resource Management Program at Biscayne National Park (BISC), including historic research, archeological survey, archeological site documentation and monitoring, and laboratory work associated with the processing and conservation of artifacts. Additionally, the intern will perform outreach services, especially to minorities and youths from local communities, and will potentially participate in public interpretation activities at the park.

The primary requirements of the internship will be to serve as an assistant and “dive buddy” to the park archeologist during underwater archeological site monitoring and condition assessments. The intern will also produce an independent research project designed to document the complete property ownership and development history of the islands within BISC. The intern may also have the opportunity to lead an a vocational archeological training program directed to the public and local SCUBA diving youth. The selected intern is also encouraged to consider personal research interests that may be accommodated by access to the many rich cultural resources of the park.

The intern will work directly for the BISC cultural resource manager and will participate in a minimum of 50 archeological site condition assessments (both terrestrial and submerged), will perform at least 40 hours of research to assist in documenting the ownership history and previous historic development of the islands in BISC, will assist in drafting archeological site reports and plans, and will maintain the NPS ASMIS (Archeological Sites Management and Information System) database. The intern will potentially assist in archeological field investigations that may include underwater or terrestrial site survey or test excavations, and may be expected to conserve, process, and analyze archeological collections from submerged or terrestrial archeological field projects.

12 August 2014

1) Historian, Naval History and Heritage Command, closes 12 August

This position is located in the Histories Branch, a component of the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, DC.  The mission of the Histories Branch is to research, preserve and disseminate the history of the Navy.  The Histories Branch accomplishes this task by collecting, analyzing and preserving historical records and information and developing historical knowledge products which inform Navy leadership, sailors and the American public.  Professional historical research and products are essential for the Histories Branch to accomplish their mission.

2) Writer/Editor, Naval History and Heritage Command, closes 15 August

In this position, you will serve as a writer-editor in the Publishing Section within the Communication and Outreach Division of the Naval History and Heritage Command, (NHHC), which plans, prepares, produces, and publishes a broad range of US Navy historical knowledge products for distribution in print and electronic formats.

3) Museum Specialist, History, Naval War College, closes 15 August

This position is located at the Naval War College Museum, located on Naval Station Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. The selectee serves as a collection specialist and will assist with the care and management of art, artifacts, books, prints, photographs, and two-dimensional materials in the museum’s collections.

Curator of Marine History

Curator of Marine History, Government of Nova Scotia, closes August 12.

Under the general supervision of the Manager, Collections Unit, the Curator of Marine History Collections undertakes planning and professional work involved with the acquisition, research and care of the Marine History Collection. The Marine History Collection consists of significant artifacts including textiles, paintings, instruments, vessels and tools related to the marine and seafaring history of Nova Scotia.  The individual is responsible for implementing collections policies, plans and initiatives, developing standards and procedures and assisting the Manager with policy formulation to enable the Collections Unit to fulfill its mandate.  The Curator of Marine History also develops collaborative relationships with Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage colleagues and those working in other museums and similar institutions.   The Curator is expected to have strong verbal and written skills as well as a publication history. He/she is committed to using emerging technologies to communicate the role and relevance of the Nova Scotia Museum’s Marine History Collection. The Curator will supervise the Assistant Curator of Marine History Collections/Registrar and participate in the development of innovative and creative exhibitions which appeal to a wide cross-section of the general public.