Curator of Marine History

Curator of Marine History, Government of Nova Scotia, closes August 12.

Under the general supervision of the Manager, Collections Unit, the Curator of Marine History Collections undertakes planning and professional work involved with the acquisition, research and care of the Marine History Collection. The Marine History Collection consists of significant artifacts including textiles, paintings, instruments, vessels and tools related to the marine and seafaring history of Nova Scotia.  The individual is responsible for implementing collections policies, plans and initiatives, developing standards and procedures and assisting the Manager with policy formulation to enable the Collections Unit to fulfill its mandate.  The Curator of Marine History also develops collaborative relationships with Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage colleagues and those working in other museums and similar institutions.   The Curator is expected to have strong verbal and written skills as well as a publication history. He/she is committed to using emerging technologies to communicate the role and relevance of the Nova Scotia Museum’s Marine History Collection. The Curator will supervise the Assistant Curator of Marine History Collections/Registrar and participate in the development of innovative and creative exhibitions which appeal to a wide cross-section of the general public.