ISPRS WG II/7: Underwater Data Acquisition and Processing

ISPRS Working Group II/7 wants to contribute to the global goals for an ocean science for sustainable development, by fostering geomatic methods for through- and under-water data acquisition and processing.

WG II/7 will promote an interdisciplinary exchange in the fields of environmental monitoring and ecology, heritage recording, industrial measurement and hydrodynamics, with a view to increase our current knowledge of the underwater world and its response and resilience to, and impact on climate change. For this purpose, WG II/7 will boost the development, testing and operability of 3D image and range-based sensors and techniques for measurement and virtualization of inland, coastal and open sea underwater environments, also through the effective use of autonomous and human guided vehicles.

WG II/7 will organise and support in-presence and on-line workshops and events on through- and under-underwater photogrammetry and related disciplines, seeking for contributions of experts from the marine archaeology, engineering, robotics, marine science, fisheries and aquaculture communities. WG II/7 activities include collecting, organising and sharing benchmark datasets to stimulate genuine competition between researchers towards innovative solutions to problems relevant to the community.  To make its actions more effective, WG II/7 will work in close collaboration with ICGW II/I and the other WGs from TCII.

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