Bahamas National Museum Jobs

Just got these sent to me, they close today! 15 July 2022. It seems like they are still recruiting though. I would contact them.

I am so excited and proud to announce that The Bahamas is currently looking for a maritime archaeologist! For the first time in our history, the Bahamas will be building an underwater archaeological field. However, we, unfortunately, do not have any professionals to assist with this operation. Hence my post. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in working as the Chief Archaeologist please email Further information can be found in the attachment. Must have specialized academic training is required in the area of Pre-Columbian, Historic period, and Underwater Archaeology. The deadline is THIS FRIDAY! Three more files are to follow for Assistant Archaeologists, Chief Conservator and Assistant Conservator.

In conjunction with these new positions, we are also looking for a Conservator and an Assistant Conservator.

The Assistant Archaeologist application is attached here:

More information about the Antiquities Monuments and Museum Cooperation can be found using this link to their brand new website:

Good day everyone! I have some exciting news to share. I have been studying the management and policy of Bahamian legislation directed at maritime cultural heritage. Recently, I was contacted by a development team from the Antiquities department that The Bahamas is in the process of creating its first-ever underwater archaeological program! It is a historical moment for The Bahamas and I wish to protect the integrity of what we are trying to achieve by doing this. Since the country does not have any professionals to take the position, I am sharing these job openings with my maritime archaeological contacts to see if anyone is interested in becoming the Chief Maritime Archaeologist who would be heavily involved in the new developments. We are also looking for an assistant Maritime Archaeologist. If you are interested or know someone who is interested please email or Further information can be found in the attachment. Please also email me at if you have any personal contacts I should get in touch with to share this position.

The Assistant Conservator position can be found here. Please also look at for more find information on The Bahamas Antiquities Monuments and Museum Cooperation which is responsible for the country’s sites and artefacts!

The Bahamas is also looking for a Chief Conservator to help preserve and document the vast sites and artefacts along with an Assistant Conservator!

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