Arnold’s Bay Project Archaeology Intern

The Arnold’s Bay Project intern will have a unique opportunity to broaden their educational experience by supporting our team in excavations at the Revolutionary War battlefield site, Arnold’s Bay, in Panton, VT. Focused excavation will take place from August 1st through September 9th. Arnold’s Bay saw the conclusion of the Battle of Lake Champlain on October 13, 1776, when General Benedict Arnold guided his battered fleet into its shallow waters, set them aflame, and fled with his crew up the embankment and south to Fort Ticonderoga for the winter. In 2022, the Museum team will continue to survey the battlefield site utilizing underwater metal detectors to identify artifacts and gain a better understanding of the events of October 1776. In addition to assisting with survey and excavation, the intern will have the opportunity to engage the public through onsite and online programming, improving public access to interpretation of the lake’s underwater resources.

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