Collections Manager

The primary purpose of this position is to administrate and supervise permanent, seasonal, intern, and volunteer collection branch staff and manage all collections at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum at Hatteras, the North Carolina Maritime at Beaufort, and the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport.  Determine short term and long-range planning and daily workflow, staff assignments, budgeting, training, work standards, and performance reviews. Coordinate collections resources, concepts, and content throughout the Maritime Museum System; and establish and standardize best collections management policies throughout the System.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide expertise to staff and patrons/researchers and oversight of all acquisitions, accessions, and de-accessions. 
  • Conduct research and oversee care of objects in the collections; maintain inventory and Proficio collections database; create and manage archives; digitally document the collections. 
  • Assist in exhibit planning and installation; document and prepare collections going into and coming off display. 
  • Oversee purchase of supplies and equipment.
  • Schedule and conduct meetings of the Maritime Museum System Collections Committee.
  • Interact with donors, lenders, borrowers, and museum colleagues in the acquisition of collections as well as loans for the exhibition program.
  • Interact with archaeologists, archivists, and historians to assess collections, determine preservation priorities, and upgrade care for diverse collections 
  • Work closely with other curators, particularly the exhibit staff to plan and implement installations and disassembly of collections in the exhibition program.
  • Work with DNCR officials to provide artifact information, statistics, intern evaluations, and other information requested.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Skill in organizing projects and determining time frames for completion.
  • Skill in collaborating with peers, advisory boards, and focus groups in developing appropriate programs and exhibits.

The North Carolina Museum of History Division promotes the understanding of the history and material culture of North Carolina for the educational benefit of North Carolinians. Through collections, exhibits, and educational programs, its museums encourage citizens and visitors to explore and understand the past; to reflect on their lives and their place in history; and to preserve state, regional, and local history for future generations.  

The mission of the North Carolina Maritime Museum System is to collect, preserve, research, document, and interpret the maritime history, culture, and environment of coastal North Carolina for diverse public and specialized audiences, to inspire appreciation, encourage discovery, and promote an active, responsible understanding for maritime heritage among present and future generations.

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