Chief Conservator

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a federally chartered, nonpartisan institution that was created by the US Congress to serve as America’s national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and an educational institution dedicated to the history and lessons of the Holocaust. The Museum seeks to educate Americans from all 50 states and all walks of life as well as international audiences. The Museum has three areas of expertise: Holocaust remembrance, Holocaust scholarship and education, and genocide prevention.

In carrying out its important memorial and educational mission, the Museum is guided by its institutional values for our workplace: Honor the memory of the victims; carry out our work with dignity, humility, integrity and respect for others; and strive for excellence through teamwork, rigor, and a culture of continuous learning. Consistent respect for others is the foundation for trust, collegiality and inclusion. 

The Chief Conservator position is located in the Conservation Services Branch in the Collections Services Division of the Rubenstein National Institute for Holocaust Documentation (RNIHD) of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). The division is responsible for overseeing the registration, preservation and storage of the Museum’s collection and coordinates loan programs to other accredited museums for exhibition purposes. The Conservation Services Branch is responsible for the preservation and conservation of the Museum’s collections on exhibition, in storage, and on loan to the institution and makes recommendations and provides guidelines for the housing, handling, methods of storage, and laboratory treatment of the collection. The Branch also provides environmental guidelines, recommendations, and monitoring to ensure a proper climate for the collection. The Collection constitutes the Museum’s most important asset and is held in public trust by the Presidentially appointed United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

The purpose of this position is to implement conservation policies and procedures and perform the following professional and technical conservation and preservation services, consultation, and support for the Archival and Curatorial Affairs Division (documents and manuscripts, three-dimensional artifacts, photographic materials, works of art on paper, paintings, sound recordings, and oral histories in various media and accompanying documentation); the Research and Reference Services Division (family registration forms, photographs, and published material); and Museum Experience and Digital Media Division (exhibitions).

The Chief Conservator leads the Branch and is responsible for drafting conservation policies, providing advice and guidance to the Division Director as requested to allow for the coordination of conservation and preservation policies for the Museum, providing basic conservation training to staff, and providing conservation programs, treatment, and other conservation services to the Museum. The Branch Chief provides recommendations on fundamental conservation issues to program and staff officials at all levels throughout the Museum and to officials in the Federal government and allied professional organizations. The program consists of specialized work that is of considerable difficulty and complexity which has agency-wide, or in some cases, government- wide, and professional impacts.

This is a full-time donated position (non-Federal) paid with the Museum’s private funds. Salary is commensurate with experience.

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