PhD position in quantifying past and future sea level changes in Norway

The PhD candidate will investigate late Holocene relative sea-level (RSL) and coastal environmental change in southwestern and northern Norway. The trend, rate, magnitude, and coastal impact of recent RSL change will be investigated by integrating new proxy data collected from shallow and marginal marine areas with previously reported tide gauge records. The candidate will also work closely with sea-level modelers in Norway and Canada to improve predictions of RSL change along the Norwegian coast over the next century and beyond. Together with partners at the Geological Survey of Norway, shallow marine areas adjacent to selected coastal sites will be surveyed and sampled. Sedimentary analyses will aim to characterize changes in coastal benthic ecology and biogeochemistry over the last 1–2 millennia. Documented trends will be compared with new RSL data and models to explore the impacts of RSL rise on coastal processes.

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