Fully funded PhD in Coastal Heritage

The University of Stirling, UK, and Historic England announce the opportunity for a fully-funded collaborative doctoral partnership student to undertake a project focusing on the economic valuation of coastal heritage in South West England entitled Entitled “Exploring the value of coastal heritage to different sectors of society using discrete choice experiments”

The project will explore the applicability of economic valuation to coastal heritage and apply discrete choice modelling to value maritime heritage. The research will seek to capture intangible, non-use values of the conservation of coastal heritage sites that go beyond narrow notions of economic value of heritage sites (e.g. tourism revenue or employment effects). The valuation study will explore values for coastal heritage sites held by different user groups (e.g. locals and tourists). While economic valuation is at the heart of this project, the use of focus groups, interviews and surveys within this approach allows for a deeper exploration of the factors that shape people’s relationships with coastal heritage. The project will use state-of-the-art methods to analyse discrete choice experiment (DCE) data to examine the relationships between (economic) values for coastal heritage and concepts such as social and contested values and place identity.

Application deadline: 17th of June 2020

Please see also: https://www.stir.ac.uk/scholarships/management/university-of-stirling-and-historic-england-funded-phd-studentship/

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