NHHC Underwater Archaeology Internships

The Underwater Archaeology Branch at the Washington Navy Yard offers a variety of internship opportunities for students wanting to learn about Maritime archaeology and getting hands on experience in a federal archaeological program. NHHC offers a year round internship with flexible schedules and opportunities to count towards college credit. Internships focus on four objectives which may include: Archaeological Research, Policy Development and Cultural Resource Management, Conservation and Curation, Public Outreach and Information Dissemination.

Opportunities also exist through various programs such as NREIP, AAA internship, and PPIP. These highly competitive internship programs are supported through academic and professional organizations in which NHHC has partnered with to provide summer internships. For more information, feel free to message this post, pm, or visit each respective website below to learn more about a specific program, their application periods, and requirements.

-NHHC Internship: https://www.history.navy.mil/get-involved/internships.html
-NREIP: https://nreip.asee.org/ (applications opening in August for summer 2019)
-AAA Internship: http://www.americananthro.org/LearnAndTeach/Content.aspx… (summer 2019 applications open January)
-PPIP: http://ppip.tamu.edu/Internships (Open to Texan A&M University students)

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