LCMM AmeriCorps Member

PROGRAM: VT Youth Development Corps members promote hope, justice, & well being for all VT youth. Their service supports innovative initiatives at nonprofit organizations, municipalities, and schools that foster positive youth development and build resilience in youth, helping them avoid opioid use and other unhealthy behaviors. LCMM’s mission is to preserve and share the rich history of the Lake Champlain region by connecting the Lake’s past, present and future through research, exhibits, educational programs, and the preservation of historic resources. The museum offers year-round education programs, including proficiency-based school programs, boat building, summer camps, a Maritime Research Institute, after school programming, rowing teams, replica vessels, courses and workshops. The AmeriCorps member engages in the following activities: (1) Implements on-site ecology, history, and archaeology programs at our Lake Champlain campus and surrounding watershed; (2) Implements Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics-focused (STEAM) afterschool programs that emphasize outdoor adventure; (3) Supports the boat building program where students with learning impairments from the Hannaford Career Center build a 34’ pilot gig at the Museum; (4) Serves as a counselor/educator at our maritime-focused summer camps including on-water and under-water programs; and (5) Designs and leads new programs based on member interest and LCMM’s mission. Located in Vergennes, VT.

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