Submerged Prehistory Offshore

The role of Seismic Mapping Research Assistant is attached to the EU-funded Lost Frontiers project and involves collating existing seismic maps of the Holocene landscape of Doggerland as well as producing new maps from recently acquired seismic data.

We are looking for someone who is highly computer literate, has experience in interpreting 2D and 3D seismic data, has good written and oral communications skills and is willing to learn new skills and technologies to enable the integration of the seismic data with other data sources. You should also have at least a Master’s degree in a related subject.

The Lost Frontiers project is multi-disciplinary and will result in publications in a variety of sources, there will be scope to expand your research in a number of cutting edge ways.

A PhD or soon to be submitted PhD regarding
submarine geophysics

Click to access Seismic%20Mapping%20RA002.pdf


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