Mobilising cultural heritage in UK marine fisheries – PhD studentship

Mobilising cultural heritage in UK marine fisheries – PhD studentship

A PhD studentship opportunity led by me at Heriot-Watt and co-supervised by Ruth H Thurstan at University of Exeter. Historic England is the Associate Partner and Antony Firth (Head of Marine Heritage Strategy) will also be providing co-supervision, some limited financial support and internship opportunities.

Applications close Tuesday 17th January 2023

Maritime cultural heritage is embedded in the practice of small-scale fishing: traditional ecological knowledge, maritime landscapes, historic landing places, traditional vessels, and all their associated skills and material culture. The fishing sector is going through transitions post-Brexit on top of environmental, generational and technological changes that are likely to further diminish the tangible and intangible heritage of fishing. How can we use this cultural legacy to drive greater sustainability within fisheries management before it is too late?

Application details here – search on the webpage for Heriot-Watt University project CDTS211:

The PhD studentship is part of the large-scale NERC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Management of Marine Resources (CDT SuMMeR):

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