BA/HFF Small Research Grants 2022-2023

We don’t just fund projects in the eastern Mediterranean! Through The British Academy, we offer a grant of up to £10,000 for research that encompasses the breadth of maritime archaeology in any region. Deadline is November 9th, 2022. More details here:

Eligibility and criteria

Through the scheme, the Foundation aims to support projects related to maritime archaeology beyond the HFF region. Therefore, these grants do not need to have any regional focus, but encompass the breadth of maritime archaeological research, including:

  • Shipwrecks
  • Submerged landscapes
  • Harbour sites and coastal geomorphology
  • Coastal / intertidal archaeological survey
  • Maritime cultural landscapes studies including interdisciplinary research
  • Maritime ethnography
  • Development and use of survey techniques such as marine remote sensing
  • Theoretical approaches to maritime archaeological research
  • Artefacts that specifically relate to seafaring activities such as boats, anchors, rigging, etc
  • Research relating to outreach and community engagement with maritime archaeology

Thus, covering all aspects of human interaction with the sea. Awards are offered in support of any aspect of research, including travel, fieldwork, archival- and desk-based research and subsequent publications arising from the research funded. Grants are not available to fund attendance at conferences or seminars.

All projects supported through the scheme should contribute to research into maritime archaeology, and should also include training opportunities, and public and community engagement where possible. Grantees are also encouraged to disseminate the results online and through publication.

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