Collections: NC Maritime Museums

The primary purpose of the position is to create, organize, and manage information about the artifacts and archives in the care of the three maritime museums. Under the supervision of the Collections Manager, this position performs specialized work in the documentation of collections and tracking their movement in the various buildings and museums. 

Working primarily at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, but including regular travel to both the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras and the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport, the Collections Registrar will:

  • Accession and catalog artifact and archival collections, utilizing Rediscovery Proficio data management system.  Keep track of the progress of new accessions and deaccessions through the State acquisition process.
  • Manage the incoming and outgoing loan agreements between the Maritime Museums and outside institutions and individuals.
  • Monitor museum environments, coordinate with the Conservator to implement integrated pest management (IPM) plans, and analyze and prepare reports on best practices for care of museum collections.
  • Plan, install, and monitor museum artifacts in exhibits.
  • Digitize archival and photographic collections, manage associated metadata, and organize large and small format slides and film collections.
  • Manage the non-lending library in Beaufort of over 3000 books and periodicals.
  • Must be able to work occasional long days, nights, or weekends as needed, as well as overnight trips to both Hatteras and Southport.

The North Carolina Museum of HistoryDivision promotes the understanding of the history and material culture of North Carolina for the educational benefit of North Carolinians. Through collections, exhibits, and educational programs, its museums encourage citizens and visitors to explore and understand the past; to reflect on their lives and their place in history; and preserve state, regional, and local history for future generations.

The mission of the North Carolina Maritime Museum System is to collect, preserve, research, document, and interpret the maritime history, culture, and environment of coastal North Carolina for diverse public and specialized audiences, to inspire appreciation, encourage discovery, and promote an active, responsible understanding for maritime heritage among present and future generations.

The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR) takes care of the things that people love about North Carolina, literally from A to Z. The Arts to the Zoo, and so much else – parks, aquariums, historic sites, archaeology, African American Heritage Commission, science and history museums, the state Symphony, Library and Archives, historic preservation, land and water stewardship, and more. These places, and the ideas they represent, create a shared identity in North Carolina. They provide common ground. Everyone is welcome. The Department’s vision is to be the leader in using the state’s natural and cultural resources to build the social, cultural, educational, and economic future of North Carolina. Our goal is to promote equity and inclusion among our employees and our programming to reflect and celebrate our state’s diverse population, culture, and history. We encourage you to apply to become a part of our team.

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