Wooden Objects Conservator


Master’s Degree in Conservation and two years of professional experience or seven years of professional experience as a Conservator; work experience includes specialization in the conservation of Wooden Objects.

he Conservator reports directly to the head of the Conservation Unit within the Bureau of Historic Site and Park Services. This position, one of seven professional conservator titles, specializes in the care and restoration of wooden objects. All conservators are expected to adhere to the American Institute for Conservation’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice. Wooden objects include domestic and office furniture (upholstered and non-upholstered), case clocks, wagons and carriages, canoes, kayaks and small boats. Duties include, but are not limited to:

• Repairs damaged or abraded natural and decorative finishes on wooden objects, including a variety of clear and opaque coatings.

• Creates molds and casts ornament in “compo” or epoxy resin to repair losses or damaged elements.

• Repairs damaged or broken joints in wooden assemblies, including reinforcing blocks, and installs structural braces or supports.

• Prepares treatment plans, recommending and performing materials analyses.

• Documents conservation procedures in a treatment report. Treatment reports include a detailed narrative supplemented by photographs.

• Serves in an advisory capacity relating to the care, handling, use and display of objects, including those received on loan.

• Performs individual examinations of objects on display and in storage to assess condition and assist with setting treatment priorities.

• Assists with evaluating the merits of proposed acquisitions through detailed examination to assess condition and authenticity.

• Maintains cleanliness and proper care, handling and storage of materials and equipment within the laboratory.

• Obtains Safety Data Sheets for chemicals, properly labels containers and disposes of used chemicals in accordance with State and Federal laws and regulations.

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