Joint Military Operations
The Joint Military Operations (JMO) Department teaches two of the College’s six core courses. Joint Military Operations, taught to senior-level students, is focused at the theater-strategic level and emphasizes Joint military operations. Joint Maritime Operations, for intermediate-level students, is focused at the operational level and emphasizes joint maritime operations. Subjects covered in both courses include problem-solving and decision-making, the operational art, Joint/Navy operational planning, interagency coordination, and Joint and multinational warfare. The curriculum is taught primarily through readings and seminar discussion. JMO faculty comprise both civilians and active-duty officers from across the U.S. military services, along with international officers and civilians from U.S. Federal agencies.

Incumbents teach the JMO course at the Intermediate and Senior Service College Levels, with duties including: conducting classroom instruction, primarily through seminars, developing curricula, reviewing and evaluating student research papers, examinations, and other written and oral assessments; advising and mentoring students and other faculty, maintaining and developing curricula; research and publication; and performing educational administrative functions for the department; performing various types of service for the College.

Required Qualifications:

  • An earned PhD in national security affairs, international relations, political science, history, or a cognate field. Candidates with Ph.D. in hand by July 1, 2022 are encouraged to apply.
  • Proven expertise working effectively with colleagues in a collaborative learning environment, both in maintaining and developing curriculum and creating a professional seminar atmosphere that enhances student educational outcome.
  • Record of scholarly research and publication.
  • Proven expertise teaching adult students at the Master’s degree level in a seminar setting.

Desirable Qualifications

  • Knowledge of maritime warfare theory, military or naval history and prior military service, especially in the naval services.

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