Marine Archaeologist, MuseumVest

Do you want to be at the forefront of further developing marine archeology at the Bergen Maritime Museum? Museum Vest at Bergen Maritime Museum is looking for a responsible, fulfilling and self-employed marine archaeologist who, in addition to working with ordinary marine archeological tasks, will be responsible for the marine archeology activities.

Marine archeology manages marine cultural monuments in Vestland county and in Sunnmøre. Museum Vest has three objectives for the marine archeological activity:

  • Manage underwater cultural monuments and the state’s property rights to these, as well as to examine and register cultural monuments.
  • Assess whether marine cultural monuments are threatened by plans and measures in the sea and watercourses.
  • Disseminate knowledge about and create good attitudes to marine cultural monuments.

Together with the Norwegian Maritime Museum and Stavanger Maritime Museum, Museum Vest is also working to establish IRMAS, which “will provide the necessary financial and organizational framework for safeguarding and developing tasks related to research, management and dissemination [in marine archeology]”. IRMAS is described in the present museum report as a «good move».

The position is one of three marine archaeologists. Additional staffing may be relevant in the years to come. The position reports to the department director at the Bergen Maritime Museum.

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