Postdoctoral researcher position funded by the European project PROCRAFT (PROtection and Conservation of Heritage AirCRAFT)

The postdoctoral researcher position is funded by the European project PROCRAFT (PROtection and Conservation of Heritage AirCRAFT. The general objective of this project is to develop innovative procedures and treatments for the protection of WWII planes and/or parts in aluminum alloys (mainly Duralumin).

The aim of this postdoctoral position is to characterize the protective properties of new conservation-restoration coatings by comparing them to the protections currently used in conservation-restoration. It will also require to characterise the original materials (painted aluminium alloys) in order to adapt the experimental method to the different cases encountered.

The work will be carried out mainly by the application of electrochemical techniques usually applied for the evaluation of organic coatings on metals in the presence or absence of corrosion inhibitors, before or after ageing. It will also involve the use of characterization methods (observation and analysis) of metallic materials and original coatings (painting). This part of the work will be carried out on a corpus of ancient aeronautical aluminum materials (WWII).

This work will be carried out in close collaboration with specialists in heritage materials and scientific professionals in conservation-restoration, also directly involved in this project.

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