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Safer decommissioning of offshore infrastructure and ships: establishing a global baseline – Research Fellow

Decommissioning of offshore infrastructure and ships represents a complex social, environmental and engineering challenge. The International Labour Organization (ILO) describes shipbreaking as one of “the most dangerous of occupations, with unacceptably high levels of fatalities, injuries and work-related disease” (ILO 2019). As increasing numbers of offshore structures and ships reach the end of their use lives across the globe there will be an uptick in demand for these services in a range of different economic and environmental settings. Quantifying the scale and nature of the challenge, however, is far from simple. This project recognises that this is as much a social as a technical challenge. It begins from the perspective that in order for informed decisions to be made, pertinent data must be publicly available and people cognoscente of it. How many structures and ships are there? How old are they? Where are they? What materials do they contain? What legislative contexts do they reside within? What economic models determine value and impact for decommissioning activities? Who is responsible for assets and why? Where are activities currently taking place? What impacts and incidents have been reported?

As a researcher on this project you will work with an international team to develop an online resource to help shed light on these issues. This will draw on your strong GIS skills and knowledge of marine datasets. Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent professional qualifications and experience in any of the following areas: Maritime Archaeology, Remote Sensing, GIS, Offshore Engineering, Naval Architecture. Given the breadth of this topic you might have a background in Archaeology, Anthropology, Geography, Engineering or other allied area of research.

This role is offered as part time (0.5FTE), fixed term until 10/03/2023.

Applications for Research Fellow positions will be considered from candidates who are working towards or nearing completion of a relevant PhD qualification.  The title of Research Fellow will be applied upon successful completion of the PhD.  Prior to the qualification being awarded the title of Senior Research Assistant will be given.

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