Postdoctoral Fellow of Benthic Ecosystem Mapping and Engagement

The BEcoME (Benthic Ecosystem Mapping and Engagement) project of OFI ( is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to work under the supervision of Dr. Claudio Aporta (Marine Affairs) and Dr. Patricia Manuel (School of Planning) in sub-project (WP 1.1): Engagement for Co-design of Benthic Ecosystem Mapping. The sub-project is a collaborative undertaking among the researchers and industry, community, and Indigenous organizations. Objectives are engagement for collaborative data sharing and interpretation in select case study locations; the co-production of visualizations of the benthic environments using technologically- and culturally-derived data; and the design of a framework to integrate data, information, and knowledge in a cross-cultural setting to support decision-making for marine resource stewardship.

The work contributes to the goal of BEcoME, which is to build a holistic understanding of the benthic ecosystem and its response to threats like climate change, to support decision-making for marine protection and resource stewardship. Activities of BEcoME focus on integrating and interpreting seafloor data collected using innovative mapping technology and contributed through local and Indigenous knowledge of the marine environment to visualize the benthic ecosystem at large and small scales.

Specifically, the role of the post-doctoral fellow will be to 1) build collaborations with industry, community and Indigenous organizations to co-design and implement data gathering and interpretation methods; 2) analyze qualitative data for integration into marine resource decision-making; 3) facilitate knowledge-sharing between industry partners, communities, and scientists about their use of bathymetric data sets, geomorphology maps and seafloor imagery as generated in the other BEcoME sub-projects; 4) disseminate results research outcomes in academic and professional forums as well as community-based initiatives; 5) advise on and lead knowledge-sharing initiatives; and 6) assist with ethics applications, report writing and grant development.

While the postdoctoral fellow will devote at least 75% of their time to the specific tasks of the Engagement for co-design of benthic ecosystem mapping project, they will also pursue their own program of research which is expected to build upon the work WP 1.1.

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