PhD student, in Archaeology Uppsala University’s interdisciplinary graduate school in sustainable development

A PhD position in Archaeology is hereby announced. This postgraduate position covers four years and is financed with employment as a doctoral student. The PhD candidate in archaeology will work jointly with a PhD candidate from the research program for Natural Resources and Sustainable Development at the Department of Earth Sciences within the frames of the interdisciplinary project Fisheries and coastal development in small island context – the past, present and future. This project investigates marine resources and coastal zones in a long-term perspective with the focus on the use of marine assets, loss of biodiversity and climate change. A common research question is how the coastal zone and the marine resources, especially fisheries, have developed and changed over time and what their current status is. The results will form a base to develop strategies for a future sustainable management of the costal zones and fisheries. The special assignment for the PhD candidate of Archaeology is to analyse archaeological assemblages of fish bones from various time frames, and to connect the results to an analysis of global and local climate change data and various forms of managements of these resources. The project focuses on Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea but with comparative case studies from small island contexts in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In this interdisciplinary project, the successful applicant will interact closely with the PhD student from the Department of Earth Sciences as well as with other PhD students in the research school.

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