Marine Archaeologist

AECOM has an immediate need in Pocasset, MA for a short-term, part-time, on call Marine Archaeologist to conduct offshore Surveys in support of renewable energy capital projects.

Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Skilled in marine archaeological surveys and archaeological data collection techniques
  • Performs standard scientific work requiring application of techniques and procedures.
  • Detects problems when using standardized procedures because of the condition of sample, difficulties with the equipment, etc.
  • Conducts specific phases of projects for more experienced scientists.
  • Proposes appropriate analytical methods and techniques.
  • Assists in providing advice and consulting services within scope of scientific knowledge.
  • Draws conclusions and makes recommendations based on analysis.
  • Interprets and records data, conducts analyses, compares findings to relevant studies and local, state and federal regulations to ensure compliance.
  • Works under general supervision.
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