Instructional Assistant Professor position in Nautical Archaeology (RE-Posted)

Nobody applied? Re-posted yesterday.

The Department of Anthropology at Texas A&M University invites applications for a temporary, full-time, nine-month, non-tenure Instructional Assistant Professor position in Nautical Archaeology, starting in the Fall 2020 academic semester. The successful candidate will be expected to teach three undergraduate courses per semester (Fall and Spring semesters). Courses in the Fall semester includeHistorical Archaeology,Archaeological Artifact Conservation, andAnalytical Archaeology; courses in the Spring semester will be determined at the time of appointment based on the candidates expertise and departmental needs. The successful candidate will also be expected to assist with the operation of the Conservation Research Laboratory, as well as the administration of the departments MS degree in Maritime Archaeology and Conservation.Preference will be given to applicants with teaching experience and a demonstrated ability to teach electives in Historical Archaeology, Nautical Archaeology, and Conservation.

About the university:Texas A&M Universityis a public land-grant institution that serves undergraduates who are primarily from the state of Texas, along with a graduate and faculty body from around the world. We are a member of the Association of American Universities and our academic professional track faculty are evaluated on their teaching and service records.TheADVANCE centerprovides a wide range of networking, mentoring, and development opportunities to support faculty in their professional and personal success.

About the department: TheAnthropology Departmentis made up of 23full-time tenure-track faculty. Along with Nautical Archaeology we have programs in Biological Anthropology, Terrestrial Archaeology, and Cultural Anthropology.The department houses two Centers, the Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation and the Center for the Study of the First Americans, as well as the Conservation Research Lab. The Nautical Archaeology faculty focus primarily, though not exclusively, on maritime activity in the ancient Mediterranean and medieval Europe, as well as world-wide seafaring in the historic period, and share a common interest in ship construction, old world seafaring, world seafaring, and the conservation and recording of archaeological material.

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