Waterfront Research Historian


If you are interested in working for the vibrant City of Alexandria, we invite qualified candidates to apply for our Waterfront Research Historian position located in the Archaeology Division in the Office of Historic Alexandria (OHA).

An Overview
The Waterfront Research Historian will compile, develop, and research a comprehensive waterfront history study. In 2010 the City of Alexandria initiated a comprehensive plan to redevelop its historic waterfront. The Waterfront Small Area Plan includes the construction of a promenade, parks, and amenities in conjunction with flood mitigation efforts that will reshape the city’s waterfront, which in turn has spurred private development. The waterfront history study will be a critical document towards understanding and mitigating the impacts of new waterfront construction while also providing a detailed examination of how the waterfront evolved from a small hamlet to full-fledged and later industrial port city. This study is also part of fulfilling the Archaeological Protection Code, administered by Alexandria Archaeology. Passed in 1989, the code requires that City Archaeologists review all ground-disturbing projects to ensure that information about the past is not lost as a result of development. In 2018 alone, City Archaeologists reviewed more than 1,300 site plans and building permits as part of an integrated, community archaeology program. The work of the Waterfront Historian is performed under the direct supervision of the City Archaeologist in coordination with the staff Archaeologists, the City Historian, and under the general supervision of the Director of OHA.

What You Should Bring
The ideal candidate should have a thorough knowledge of 18th and 19th century regional history as well as experience with archival records and primary and secondary sources that pertain to Alexandria and the broader region. Specifically, we seek proven experience with chain-of-title research and in using Geographic Information System (GIS) software to map and visualize spatial data. The job requires an individual with the ability to: communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing; create publishable, compelling and sound scholarship on urban and African American history; and establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, employees of the City of Alexandria, and the community. The work will take place in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment and at local and regional archives.

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