Underwater Archaeology – Provision of Archaeological Dive Services Tender/RFP


The CHERISH project is undertaking inspection, survey, investigation, recording and monitoring of two wreck sites in Irish waters. The CHERISH project is recording a shallow water, City of London in county Wexford and a deep water wreck, SS Manchester Merchant in county Kerry. CHERISH is seeking applications from suitably qualified and experienced companies or individuals to tender for the provision of dive services to undertake, assist and support the underwater archaeological objectives of the CHERISH project. The services of suitably qualified and suitably experienced Archaeological Dive Contractors and underwater photogrammetric specialists are therefore sought by the CHERISH project. In this regard CHERISH may establish a Multi-Party Framework Agreement for the provision of Archaeological Dive Services. The tender has been designed to facilitate the setting up of a number of restricted panels from which dive services can be drawn down. Please note that each category of service provider may not be required for each individual project. Each wreck will be the subject of an intital 7-14 day survey and recording expedition. It is then envisioned a number of monitoring trips, not encompassing more than 3 will take place over the course of the following two years. The timeframes, duration and frequency of site visits will be finalised between the CHERISH project and successful tenderer.


31/01/2020 17:00:00

34500000-2  Ships and boats
71351914-3  Archaeological services
71351924-2  Underwater exploration services
71354500-9  Marine survey services
71355100-2  Photogrammetry services
92520000-2  Museum services and preservation services of historical sites and buildings
92522000-6  Preservation services of historical sites and buildings
92522100-7  Preservation services of historical sites
98360000-4  Marine services
98361000-1  Aquatic marine services
98363000-5  Diving services

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