2020 OE Funding is open!


A complete, maximum two-page, pre-proposal is a requirement in order to be allowed to
submit a full proposal. Pre-proposals must be received by 11:59 pm (EDT) on May 24, 2019.
Full proposal submissions must be received by 11:59 pm (EST) on September 6, 2019.
Applications received after the above deadlines will not be considered.

1. OCEAN EXPLORATION. Ocean exploration to inform management, sustainable use, and conservation of marine resources in poorly explored deep ocean areas of the U.S. EEZ. Areas proposed for exploration and/or initial characterization must be at a minimum depth of 200 m.

2. MARINE ARCHAEOLOGY. Discovery and characterization of underwater cultural
heritage representing past marine-based economic activities or early human occupation to inform decisions on preservation and seabed use, and to identify sources of potential environmental impacts. Marine archaeology proposals can be conducted in any water depth.

3. TECHNOLOGY. Application of new or novel use of existing ocean technologies or
innovative methods that increase the scope and efficiency of acquiring ocean exploration data and improve usability of and access to ocean exploration data. Proposed technologies must be applicable to water depths of 200 m or greater, though testing in shallower water or lab-based test facilities will be supported.

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