Massachusetts Underwater Archaeologist

The incumbent is the Chief Archaeologist, also referred to as the State Underwater Archaeologist, of the Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources (BUAR) in the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). Its mission is to identify, preserve, and interpret the Commonwealth’s underwater cultural heritage, anon-renewable public resources, for the recreational, economic, environmental, and historical benefit of its citizens.. In accordance with MGL C.6, sec.179, the incumbent may also serve as Director of the BUAR. As the senior lead technical specialist in underwater archaeology and related historic/cultural/heritage resource preservation issues, the incumbent is routinely responsible for analyzing data and giving advice to BUAR members and EEA senior management as it relates to the statewide implications of making a decision on a project or statewide operation. This advice routinely requires a high degree of experiential context relating to BUAR activity, accounting for public concerns and interests, and with full cognizance of other governmental and private sector needs and reactions. The position requires a mixture of unique technical science and experiential context.

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