Asst. Curator/Registrar of Archaeology

Reporting to the Curator of Archaeology, Innovation, Collections and Infrastructure Unit (ICI), this position assists in the development and maintenance of the registration of artifacts for the Archaeology collection.  The incumbant will prepare documentation relating to the acquisition and processing of collections, and loans of artifacts, as well as use, preservation, conservation, and disposal of collections, in accordance with the NSM Collections Management, Conservation, and Research policies and procedures.  A key function of this position is the creating and maintaining of electronic and paper collections records, identifying artifacts, care and handling of collections, and maintaining strong organization of the collection and collection records. Additionally, this position assists with providing access to the collection which includes providing support to exhibits, researchers, interpretive products, publications, and to individual enquiries from the public or staff.


This position supports the protection of archaeological sites through the documentation and registration of site information in the Maritime Archaeological Resource Index (MARI), along with supporting the coordination of the Special Places Protection Act by liaising with the public and consultant archaeologists on matters related to archaeological sites and artifacts. May perform field work as required.

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