Underwater Archaeology Course


The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology (ICUA), category 2 centre under the auspices of UNESCO, in Zadar, is organizing Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course. The course will take place in the Zadar area, from 28th May to 2nd June 2018.

The course will consist of theoretical and practical (hands on) instruction in techniques of underwater archaeological excavation, recording, data processing and the use of new technologies in underwater documentation. Archaeologists from the ICUA and guest lecturers will conduct theoretical lessons. Practical instruction will take place in the context of underwater archaeological surveys of ancient shipwrecks in the area surrounding Zadar and will teach participants what it means to be part of an underwater archaeological excavation team.

The course is aimed at archaeologists who have diving experience and at least some basic experience of practical underwater archaeology. It is designed to provide participants with advanced skills and training in underwater archaeology and basic project planning.

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