Maritime Archaeology Advanced Practicum: Marine Geophysics

Maritime Archaeology Advanced Practicum: Marine Geophysics
Season Dates: November 16, 2015 – November 20, 2015

This topic will provide students the opportunity to study marine geophysics for archaeology in both theoretical and practical application. The topic will be delivered with specialist support from Dr. Paul Baggaley who has over a decade of experience in developing the industry-leading geophysics team for Wessex Archaeology (Paul and his team have carried out over 100 maritime archaeology projects in the United Kingdom). Students will benefit from lectures and will be introduced to data processing and interpretation, which they will carry out under supervision. Students will become familiar with a professional workflow and specialist software familiarization. Students will also participate in an offshore survey (weather dependent) to acquire data over a historic shipwreck. They will then have the opportunity to review and interpret that data as part of this intensive four-day practicum.

Contact Information
Dr. Jonathan Benjamin
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide, 5001
South Australia