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2012 Israel Coast Exploration (ICE) Project

Posted in Uncategorized by underwaterarchaeologyjobs on January 16, 2012

The Israel Coast Exploration (ICE) project had its first full field season last summer, which included the rescue excavation of an as-yet unidentified Roman town, and resulted in the discovery of numerous artifacts and shipwrecks. One of these new wrecks is already under permit to be excavated by Haifa University this year, and the rest are still awaiting identification and lab work. We’ll have updates about the underwater discoveries on our new website soon (http://israelcoast.org/) and the field report publications will be out later this year; we presented some of the new discoveries at the recent AIA.

The ICE field school is an 8-credit introductory field school designed for undergraduates and at the moment we don’t have the ability to cater for more advanced participants, because every diver needs to be enrolled in the URI credits and at least AAUS-in-training status to be covered by our insurance. So, last year we took 12 undergrads and a few graduating seniors for our combined land-sea program. This year in June-July we hope to take a team of 20 students, with 6 divers. I’m not sure what, if any, possibilities will be available for more advanced participants but I will post updates in the next few months. At least one aspect of our program involves locating a highly significant but remote offshore site at 35-40m & obviously that’s not territory for a typical undergrad / trainee scientific diver so who knows, if we get the $ to support taking more volunteers you’ll hear it here first. Meanwhile, anyone interested in the undergrad program should check out our site and email me or William Krieger (info on the site linked above).


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