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Social Scientist, Coastal Studies Group

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This position is within Planning Division and is in the Coastal Studies Group.  Our focus in this section is to develop future projects with local sponsors that address issues such as navigation, ecosystem restoration, and/or storm damage reduction along the southern coastline of California (from San Luis Obispos County down to the Mexican Border).  The position is available to the following job categories:  Social Scientist, Biologist, Landscape Architect,
Civil/General Engineer, or Physical Scientist. 

We are looking for someone that has a high interest in being involved with the many coastal issues that California faces.  This job is open to both Government employees as well as any US Citizen.  We are hiring at either an
entry level/some Corps/Planning experience (GS-11) or a more senior level (GS-12).  If hired as a GS-11, there is potential for a non-competitive promotion to a GS-12 once achieving the required experience.  This is a challenging job – one that will keep you on your toes.  If you are interested, you can go here:  http://www.usajobs.gov/

You will need to entire in the following job announcement numbers:

For GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES:   WTKC10CTAPD004 In order to see the vacancy, you will need check the circle in the “Current Search” box to include “ALL Jobs”

For everyone else:
If you would like to apply for the GS-11 position with promotion potential to a 12, here is the number:  WTKC10CTAPD004D1

If you would like to apply for the GS-12 position, here is the number:

The job CLOSES April 1, 2010.

Here is a more detailed description of the job duties:

Duties: You will serve as a planning study manager for one or more major coastal resources projects within the District; directs, manages & conducts water & related land resources studies; determines data to be collected, field investigation scopes, estimated time required to complete the investigations, study cost, engineering, environmental, social & cultural scopes, public involvement; leads a team including representatives of a cost sharing local sponsor to formulate, develop & analyze major civil works water & related land resource projects; directs refinement of alternatives using input from team, local sponsor, Federal, State & local agencies, environmental & development interest groups; organizes, participates in &/or conducts meetings, conferences, & workshops with local & agency
jurisdictions, federal, state, county, special interest to discuss project formulation agreements, operating methods, benefits & cost divisions, problem resolutions, status reports & to solicit cooperation.

About the Position: This position requires a professional knowledge of the Water Resources Planning process in addtion to a scientific background provided by education or training equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher
education with a major study in or pertinent to the position.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Heather Schlosser
Chief, Coastal Studies Group
USACE – Los Angeles District
915 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90017
(213) 452-3810    (213) 452-4204 (fax)
(213) 453-3076 (cell)


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