2010 Red Sea International Technical Scientific Diving Workshop

An exciting international conference aimed at sharing a wide range of application of technical open system and closed system diving technologies to research applications will be held June 20-25 at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences-Eilat, Israel.

The conference is multi-disciplinary, and as a geoarchaeologist and organizer of the conference, I hope to see some representation from the underwater archaeology realm.  It promises to be an interesting and useful workshop providing a venue for cross-pollination of ideas and methods across fields.

Not every attendee must be certified to these levels, or using these methods to participate.  Those interested in moving in this direction, or curious to its potential are also encouraged to register.

The early registration deadline is just around the corner (March 26).


Combining this conference with a dive safari in the Red Sea, trip to Petra, journey to Giza….sounds like a good idea…

Please take a look, and even better come dive with us in the Red sea this June!

Dr. Beverly N. Goodman Tchernov
Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences-Eilat (IUI)
University of Haifa
Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences
Tsunamis, Coastal Geology, Geoarchaeology, Foraminifera as
Environmental Indicators
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