US Navy Archaeologist

You will serve as an Archaeologist with the Underwater Archaeology Branch (UAB) of the Collection Management Division (200) of the NAVAL HISTORY AND HERITAGE COMMAND (NHHC).

  • You will serve as the Branch’s lead archaeological technical report writer, editor, and design developer, ensuring compliance with archaeological reporting standards for all Branch projects and products.
  • You will serve as an experienced field investigator able to participate as a project team member or lead as a principal archaeological investigator.
  • You will support a variety of projects and publications, overseeing and contributing to long-term research, Geographic Information Systems maintenance and product development.
  • You will support archaeological diver-based and remote sensing-based data collection, processing, analysis, and publication.
  • You will serve as a lead historical and archival researcher, and an archaeological collections interpreter, assisting the Navy in properly identifying, managing, assessing, sharing, and reporting on its sunken and terrestrial military craft.
  • You will contribute to the assessment and evaluation of archaeological research permit applications and the formation and implementation of applicable submerged cultural resource management policy.
  • You will assist in data and file management, identify and apply best archival practices, engage in scholarly reference organization, and ensure compliance with appropriate records management protocols.
  • You will engage in planning and execution of all phases of a maritime archaeological research project.
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