Job position: fixed-term junior researcher position for work on the UKRI  Future Leader Fellowship project (Fellow: Simon Fitch, PhD) Life on the Edge: Studying the coastal zone of the Late Palaeolithic

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split, is offering a fixed-term junior researcher (Marine Archaeological Research Assistant) position for work on the the UKRI  Future Leader Fellowship project (Fellow: Simon Fitch, PhD) Life on the Edge: Studying the coastal zone of the Late Palaeolithic in the humanities in the field of art history.

Applicants should fulfill the conditions stipulated in the Croatian Law on Higher Education and Scientific Activity  (Zakon o visokom obrazovanju i znanstvenoj djelatnosti, NN no. 119/22) and the regulations based upon it.

The necessary skills and qualifications for the job are listed under “Skills/Qualifications” and “Specific Requirements”.

In addition to the signed job application, applicants should attach:

  • their CV;
  • a copy of proof of citizenship;
  • a copy of an appropriate diploma.

If applicants obtained their qualifications abroad, it is necessary to attach a document confirming the recognition of these foreign higher education qualifications. Foreign nationals should also attach proof of knowledge of the Croatian language (advanced knowledge).

The deadline for application submission is 15 days from the date of publication of this Offer.

Job applications, along with the necessary documents, should be sent to email:

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