Historical Artifact and Inventory Specialist for Norfolk Navy Shipyard


Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s Historical Artifact and Inventory Specialist logs artifacts, photographs, and other items to preserve the rich, deep heritage of NNSY. In addition, the historian creates displays and throughout the shipyard and participate in community outreach.

• Three or more years of experience managing historical artifacts for a museum collection
• Bachelor’s degree in history or related field
• Experience developing historical displays
• Experience in providing public speaking and/or writing concerning historical interest items
• Experience conducting historical research
• Experience in selecting photos for historical displays and publications
• Ability to develop and prepare written reports and educational programs, and to communicate this information orally in a variety of formats to a wide range of audiences.
• A working knowledge of naval artifacts to include naval underwater archaeological items.
• A working knowledge of military historical architecture, particularly its typology during the 19th and 20th centuries, is desirable.
• Able to perform an acting role on a continuing series video known as the “Shipyard Pickers” as to assist and highlight the NNSY Innovation Lab (Bldg. 31).
• Ability to work with others as a team member, a trainer, and a leader.
write original history articles with related images complete with captions for the local shipyard publication, Service to the Fleet on a regular basis.
• Maintain current inventory control of both large and small historical artifacts as they reside on permanent exhibit at various remote locations upon NNSY or as they are deployed in support of special public events and temporary displays. This includes maintaining the master inventory to include historical artifacts in collections storage at various locations. This deliverable represents an acceptable simple collection format that shall meet the reporting and inventory requirements of the Navy History and Heritage Command in order to satisfy any potential future data call audits concerning the specifics of the historically significant object holdings at NNSY.
• Serve as the subject matter expert in designing and developing displays for the command Heritage Room located in Building 1500. Display proposals should be approved through the Public Affairs Office and be representative of the vast and rich history of NNSY.
• Perform an acting role on a continuing series video known as the “Shipyard Pickers” as to assist and highlight the NNSY Innovation Lab (Bldg. 31).

• Provide historical public speaking or writing on behalf of the NNSY command in support of outreach events sponsored by the NNSY Public Affairs Officer. Being recognized as the subject matter expert for these types of presentations the programs shall be supplemented with actual objects from the NNSY collection to enhance the various events. This could potentially include support and collaboration with the City of Portsmouth Museums Department for their various displays and programs that feature conditions or roles played by the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
• Provide custodial control and security of Building 3 (The Tar House Museum) and M-1 (Office) and the SJ-61 (Code 1100 Artifact Warehouse). All three buildings shall be maintained at all times in a neat and orderly manner. Each location is central to the tasks described herein as historical artifact and inventory support. Measurable end objective is to maintain a complete overview and listing of items contained at each location with key control to safeguard the historical objects. Additional historical display locations (permanent or temporary) within other building locations may supplement special events highlighting NNSY’s historical heritage or in support of special command events.
• Provide historical research to the NNSY Public Works Officer supporting his staff’s questions originating from the local Naval Facilities and Engineering Command (NAVFAC) when approved by the NNSY Public Affairs Officer. Based upon deep knowledge of prior historical conditions this shall directly support facilities repair and new construction project design and lead to potential cost avoidance utilizing maps or photographs from the NNSY historical technical research room at SJ-61 and M-1. Additionally, the Historical Artifact and Inventory Specialist shall provide historical research to the NNSY Public Affairs Office to answer historical questions from the public and media.
• Organize and continue an inventory effort for approximately 300,000 archival film negatives and prints spanning from the 1930’s into the 1980’s. Utilizing a deep understanding of both the historical and complex industrial role of NNSY as a shipbuilding and repair installation this material shall be first sorted in subject matter format by placing in notebooks with document sleeves and/or filing boxes or upon special metal shelving units for ease of retrieval awaiting a future preservation and scanning effort. Materials shall reside within the SJ-61 Code 1100 Artifact Warehouse and M-1. This task supports the establishment of an NNSY historical technical research room at SJ-61 and M-1.
• Maintain in a neat and professional manner for public viewing various historical display areas such as the NNSY Heritage Room, the NNSY Command Hallway display cases (Bldg. 1500), the Tar House Museum (Bldg. 3), the education area at the Artifact Warehouse (Bldg. SJ-61), office in M-1 and any other areas the NNSY command might establish to support temporary or new permanent historical displays.
• Provide regular support to the various NNSY organizations by speaking to new employees allowing them to become familiar with the vast historical heritage of NNSY. This would

require a deep understanding to interpret how to customize the learning experience for the specific shipyard department, code, or shop. • Provide historical assistance to NAVFAC and NNSY Code 980 Design in using the extensive photo collection as new military construction projects are developed supporting the upcoming facilities and infrastructure improvements with historic interior artwork image selection and image captions.
• Support NNSY with vast historical displays at multiple locations in support of NNSY Family Days dates TBD. These displays shall be vast in size and scope and be tailored to tell a complete story suitable for an external audience numbering into the thousands.
• Provide 30 to 35 hours of support each week during normal duty hours between 07:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
• Travel is not expected but may occasionally be required.

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