Please donate if you can

I am reaching out on a bit of a sad note and to see if you’d be willing to distribute this to other underwater archaeologists/scientific divers you know. I have reached out to just about everyone I can, but I know you probably have a lengthier contact list. 

One of East Carolina University’s own never returned from his dive Thursday morning. Jimmy and I were classmates in grad school, and as you can imagine, ECU faculty, staff, and alumni are reeling from this news. 

I am gutted that this nightmare situation happened to one of my own. The feeling of helplessness as a search takes place thousands of miles away is a difficult one. I am doing what I can from a distance by distributing a Go Fund Me that was set up to assist his wife and three young children. 

I hope this doesn’t seem like it came out of left field. Underwater archaeology is a small field, and we know as divers that what we do is inherently dangerous. When we hear about diving incidents, we know that it could have been one of us. And when we hear that incident involves one of our own, it hits even harder. 

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