Seismic Mapping Research Assistant (Unpath’d Waters) Post 2

The main purpose of the role is to collate existing seismic maps of the Holocene landscape of Doggerland to support landscape simulation as part of the AHRC-funded “Unpath’d Waters” project. The post holder will have experience of generating map data from submarine geophysics and supporting marine palaeolandscape research, specifically in relation to the Holocene landscape of Doggerland. They should have the technical competence to generate new maps from existing mapping data and new seismic data to support simulation studies.

This job is offered on a 0.4FTE, 2 year fixed term contract.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Work within a group to produce a compiled map of the Holocene landscape surface of Doggerland from existing mapping data and new seismic data.
  2. To ensure this data is in a form which can be used within computer simulations.
  3. To undertake basic research on seismic and related data, making use of standard research techniques and methods,
  4. To undertake basic research by preparing, setting up, conducting and recording the outcome of research, including the development of questionnaires and conducting surveys.
  5. To conduct literature and database searches and to integrate these within a simulation infrastructure
  6. Analyse and interpret the results of own research and generate original ideas based on outcomes, write up results of own research,
  7. To contribute to the planning and production of reports and publications.
  8. To present information on research progress and outcomes to bodies supervising research, e.g., steering groups.
  9. Prepare papers for steering groups and other bodies.
  10. Provide guidance as required to support staff and any students who assisting with the research.
  11. To contribute to academic courses, eg on the use of research methods and equipment.
  12. Any other duties as requested commensurate with the grade and nature of the post.
  13. Sufficient breadth and depth of specialist knowledge in the discipline and be developing further skills in and knowledge of research methods and techniques.

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