Wreck Management Research Contract


The Salvage and Marine Operations (SALMO) Team, part of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) within the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), has the responsibility on behalf of Navy Command Headquarters (NCHQ) to carry out assessments, surveys and (if required) interventions on MOD-owned wrecks to reduce the risk of danger to the environment.

The SALMO Team intends to put in place a contact with a single contractor or contracting entity for the provision of Historic Desk Based Assessments (H-BDAs) for a portfolio of MOD-owned legacy wrecks. For the purpose of this Contract Notice, a legacy wreck is defined to mean a vessel that has been located on the seabed for at least 40 (forty) years.

Services under this contract include:
1. Produce H-BDAs for 482 (four hundred and eighty-two) legacy wrecks and identify any likely environmental and safety hazards caused by pollutants and/ or ammunition. The H-DBAs should comprise a comprehensive study of the wrecks based on an analysis of primarily archival material and, where appropriate, secondary sources. Note: this is a desk-based requirement and there is not a requirement to provide diving services on the wrecks.
2. Produce a single comprehensive information database based on the set of H-DBAs suitable for migration into a Geographical Information System (GIS).
3. Provide expert ad-hoc advice and support for historical and/ or archaeological requirements. Note: for the avoidance of doubt, all ad-hoc tasks shall be instructed at the sole discretion of the Authority and therefore there is no guarantee of ad-hoc tasks under this contract.

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