Public Programs and Volunteer Manager

The Public Programs & Volunteer Manager will work closely with the team of staff in the Visitor Experience & Learning department for onsite and digital programs at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. Their primary focus will be initiating and executing public programs for visitors as well as special events at the Museum on a wide range of topics, including history, archaeology, ecology, and diversity & equity topics as they connect to the people and landscape of Lake Champlain. The ideal candidate will have experience in coordinating both large and small-scale events for a wide range of audiences and have strong organizational and communication skills.

In addition to programming at the Museum, this position will also supervise and support the vibrant community of volunteers at the Museum. Volunteers are a vital part of the Museum and are involved in interpreting for visitors, restoration in the boat shop, collections and administrative support, and much more. The Public Programs & Volunteer Manager will oversee scheduling and communicating with volunteers on a regular basis as well as growing the volunteer pool to meet the needs of the Museum. As part of working with the Visitor Experience & Learning team, this position will also help to support the educational programs on as needed basis, including field trips and school programs.

At Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, we are committed to using our skills as historians to help make systemic change in our work and in the museum field. As part of this, we have spent the past two years working to remove barriers to access and pursuing new research projects that shine a light on untold stories of women and people of color in the Champlain Valley. Yet, we recognize that there is more work to do to create space, challenge bias, and dismantle systems that reinforce inequality. We believe this position will play a critical role in connecting these topics to members of our community through programming and volunteering. We are committed to improving our experience with the Museum for all peoples who connect with us and are looking for a candidate who is excited to join us in this important work.

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