Onboard Historians and Destination Speakers

Historian/Destination Speaker – 2022

American Cruise Lines, the world’s leading small ship cruise line, is adding to its team of onboard Historians and Destination Speakers and is looking for passionate individuals to enhance the onboard experience. Discover the best of America and the country’s most beautiful waterways while visiting the unique cities and towns along the way. American Cruise Lines’ guests are well-traveled individuals looking for a destination-focused adventure, where they will have the opportunity to explore the history, culture and natural scenery of each unique port visited. The Guest Speaker plays an integral role in the guest experience through educational presentations, underway commentary, port overviews, casual talks and group discussions.

Successful candidates must be outgoing, friendly, sociable, service-minded and, of course, be extraordinarily knowledgeable of the history, geography, ecology, ports of call, and other points of interest within the cruise itinerary.  Excellent and polished presentation skills are required.

Region-specific minimum requirements include:

Columbia/Snake River

Extensive knowledge of Lewis & Clark

Mississippi River

Extensive knowledge of the Civil War, Eco System, Commerce, and Music

East Coast Itineraries

Extensive knowledge of American History, Ecology and Environment

Chesapeake Bay

Extensive knowledge of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812


  • Provide daily formal presentations (45-60 mins each)
    • All presentations should be supported by PowerPoint visuals
  • Provide narration/commentary while the ship is underway from port to port during daylight hours, broadcast over the ship’s PA system to public lounges, outer decks and into guest staterooms.
  • Present daily 15-20 min Port Previews and Q&A for all ports of call included on the cruise.  At a minimum, information should include:
    • Founding/naming of the city/town
    • Anything related to major American battles nearby, if any
    • Fun facts of the city/town including docking information and what to do when walking around and exploring
    • Connections to local culture or Indigenous people, when applicable
    • Any materials/handouts/book recommendations of the area
  • Participate in daily hosting of Shore Excursions providing coach commentary when needed
  • Host walking adventures in various ports of call
  • Dine with guests each evening
  • Be available to guests throughout the day and evening for one-on-one chats and socialization

To Apply

Email the following to GuestSpeaker@AmericanCruiseLines.com:

  • Resume and Biography
  • Link to videos of previous public speaking presentations
    • If not available, create a video of yourself doing a 15-minute mock presentation with a simulated audience similar to what you would present on board the ship, complete with PowerPoint visuals
    • Only send a link to this video; do not send the video itself
  • Link to Video Introduction
    • This should be a 60-90 second introduction of yourself to American Cruise Lines.  Tell us about yourself and why you would be a perfect fit within our organization.
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