Curatorial and Outreach Associate

The Curatorial and Outreach Associate will handle a full range of tasks associated with developing and disseminating the Conservancy’s growing collection of art and artifacts, as well as help build public support for the Conservancy’s mission, including its future museum and innovation center.  The position’s duties will be refined based on the skillset and interests of the successful applicant. These tasks could include:

  • Researching and writing about compelling topics relating to the history of the SS United States for Conservancy publications
  • Developing concepts and content for digital exhibitions and YouTube outreach
  • Assisting in the development of proposals focused on securing support for the Conservancy’s growing curatorial collections, archival records, and future museum planning.
  • Supporting Conservancy outreach by responding to public, media, and member requests for historical information and Conservancy programming
  • Liaising with other museums and educational institutions
  • Supporting social-digital outreach, including drafting content for dissemination through the Conservancy’s social media accounts
  • Supporting the development and editing of podcast episodes and the Conservancy’s oral history series

SS United States Conservancy

The SS United States Conservancy, a national nonprofit organization founded in 2004, is dedicated to protecting, revitalizing, and promoting the historic ocean liner SS United States, the largest passenger ship ever built in America and current holder of the transatlantic speed record. “America’s Flagship” transported four U.S. presidents, business moguls, movie stars, tourists, artists, authors, and immigrants, and the vessel is the sole surviving American ocean liner from the golden age of trans-Atlantic travel. The Conservancy purchased the SS United States in February 2011 and is working to secure her future as a mixed-use, stationary development which will include a museum and innovation center. As plans advance, the Conservancy is building its collections of archival documentation, art, and artifacts from the ship. Curatorial staff is committed to preserving and disseminating its collections through social media platforms, digital exhibitions, oral histories, and public events.

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