Texas A&M PostDoc Research Associate


The Postdoctoral Research Associate position will engage in reconstruction using 3-dimentional modeling of archaeological timbers and support to the Principal Investigators and model maker in the creation of an interpretive scratch-built archaeological model of the ships. The position will also support and manage scuba diving equipment and analytical tools. The selected candidate will subscribe to and support our commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (IDEA) as stated above. If the description sounds interesting to you, we invite you to apply to be considered for this opportunity.

Required Education:

  • Appropriate PhD

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Working knowledge of the equipment used to explore shipwrecks
  • Strong familiarity with basic archaeological ship documentation methods and standards
  • The ability to research, interpret and reconstruct historic ship remains on a computer in 3-dimensions
  • Knowledge of Rhinoceros 7
  • The ability to diagnose and perform maintenance on diving equipment and underwater analytical tools
  • Basic ability in DSLR artifact photography
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others

Other Requirements or Other Factors

  • Physically able to lift and move objects up to 50 pounds
  • Willingness/Ability to drive/operate a Class-C motor vehicle if requested

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • PhD in Anthropology or History
  • Minimum of one year’s experience working with the computer reconstruction of archaeological ship remnants and a strong understanding of 18th and 19th-century ship construction
  • A minimum of one year working with LASER scanning archaeological artifacts with a coordinate measuring machines (CMM), including the ability to process and print scanned materials


  • Complete the 3-Dimentional Reconstruction and interpretation of the Remnant Referred to as the World Trade Center Ship: Assist the project Principal Investigator in the reconstruction of the 3-dimensional model of the World Trade Center Ship remnant. Provide support to the Principal Investigator and Department’s model maker in the creation of an interpretive scratch-built archaeological model of the ship.
  • Work with Institute of Nautical Archaeology Researchers on the 3-Dimentional Interpretive Reconstruction of the American Revolutionary War Era Brig Betsy: Using site plans and measurements obtained from the underwater excavation, assist the Institute of Nautical Archaeology Lead Investigator in the interpretive computer reconstruction of the Brig.
  • Work with Staff from the Institute of Nautical Archaeology to Manage Diving Equipment: Assist in the management and maintenance of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology’s diving equipment in advance of the upcoming field season. Perform other duties as assigned.
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