Ship Restorer/Ship Helper

You will serve as a Ship Restorer in the Ship Restorer Division of the Maintenance and Repair Department of NAVAL HISTORY HERITAGE CMD DETACH.

  • You will manufacture and install masts, booms. spars, yardarms, ceiling planks, caulk seams and butts with cotton, oakum and marine glue.
  • You will replace and repair structural members such as knees and beams.
  • You will use basic hand tools, table saws, band saws, jointers and other shop machinery.
  • You will produce various types of heavy forgings occasionally exceeding 500 lbs. or more and using stock with a cross sectional area of 28 square inches or more.
  • You will conduct inspections including borings and removals in areas suspected of internal decay.
  • You will work from blue prints, sample parts, templates, sketches, or verbal instructions, lays out metal to be forged.
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