BSEE Archeologist (Second Post)

This position is located within the Department of the Interior,Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, Office of Environmental Compliance, Coordination and Review Unit, Jefferson, LA.

At the full performance level (GS-12) the major duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Serves as an advisor and consultant assisting and supporting the Federal Preservation Officer (FPO) on technical matters related to archeological resources and historic preservation issues.
2. Conducts office verification reviews of Post-Activity Submittals (PAS), which may include survey reports, remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) video, as-placed anchor plats, sonar data, monitoring reports, and other requisite documentation submitted by industry to verify/record compliance with mandated environmental standards.
3. Conducts audits to establish compliance authority, manage data collection, begin primary analyses, and prepare reports on the effectiveness of established mitigation and permit conditions placed on OCS activities.
4. Coordinates OEC’s field verification and monitoring efforts for archeology projects.
5. Prepares program related documentation and reports (i.e., Mitigation Effectiveness Reports (MERs), Environmental Inspection Reports (EIRs), and Impact Assessment Reports (IARs), etc.), and assists with the development and/or modification of improved mitigation measures, Conditions of Approval (CoAs), guidance documents, and permit/PAS reviewing procedures via adaptive management with BOEM and BSEE counterparts.
6. Briefs and defends BSEE programs, policies, and conclusions to other Federal, State, local government, industry or private agencies or persons.

BSEE has determined that the duties of this position are suitable for telework and the selectee may be allowed to telework with supervisor approval

Salary Information
GS-12: $79,363-$103,176 per annum.
First time hires to the Federal government normally start at the lower salary range of the grade level.

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